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*** Happy Easter / Ostara ***

*** Happy Easter / Ostara ***


10/27/14 1stSurvey

My 1st survey.  Looking for feedback. Thanks!  🙂



I’m going to try to get on here a bit more often with some random things here & there, starting today…


Today’s quick message is the irritating question I just posted on facebook:

Seriously…Can anyone possibly give me a valid reason why there is soooooooooo much paperwork the beginning of every school year for every child? Did they lose all our info over the summer? Oh wait, it’s online as well…. So why all this madness?!


That’s about it for now.  Oh & also, check out Rocking in the Valley for this weekend’s entertainment.  They just updated their blog….


Thanks so much for visiting my site.  Feel free to share, comment & stop back anytime 🙂

Blood type dieting…

I’ve been doing a ton of research on the blood type diet as well as the genotype dieting.  There’s not a ton of info out supporting it, but it’s very interesting & makes a lot of sense.  I actually am feeling better as I make changes do my diet according to my blood type.  I’m trying to determine which genotype I am so I can eat even better.  Feeling hopeful 🙂




Kita’s 1st show w/ Krosis…

537817_270151969744976_67931634_neditedYAY I get to see my LFG \m/ sister, coworker & cherished friend Kita back on stage again for her official 1st show w/ her new band Krosis. It’s been a while for us both lol I’m dusting off my camera & plan to get tons of pics

Come out this Sunday for BIZ R ENT.’s event at Jabber Jaws Bar and Grille & support local metal bands Since the Fire, Gutrot, Krosis & more…

Doors open at 6pm. $5 Cover.


For more details, click on Facebook event page link:


Made a few more changes on my site & updated my About Me page.  Was very busy with my birthday this past week & then the Great Allentown Comic Con.  That was bunches of fun 🙂  I posted a few pics on Instagram & my personal facebook page as well.  I hope to get some more done & have a super awesome week 🙂

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Juicing Ventures

I’ve been reading & watching a lot of programs regarding health benefits of juicing fruits & veggies.  So, about a week ago I bought a Hamilton Beach $30 Amazon blender & a ton of organic Granny Smith apples & organic carrots.

I’m researching quite a bit to learn more about the process of juicing, health benefits, weight loss, etc.  I’m planning to do the 3 day detox juice because of all the major health benefits.  For now, I’m just learning & starting out with apples & carrots.   Today, I ventured out & bought some other things like beets, ginger root, broccoli & romaine lettuce.  No idea if I got enough or what to mix with what, but I’m sure I can throw something healthy & yummy together.

I’m not a fad diet girl.   I’m a body & health conscience person who’s been through several medical issues & still learning what works best with my body.   I have a family medical history that’s either overridden by many issues on one hand & then the non existent history that leaves me clueless.  With that said, I prefer to just be healthy altogether & not have any more pain or my own medical issues to deal with.

I’m keeping track of every drink I have & my weight.  My 1st goal is to lose enough weight to look decent when I present the award for Best Female Vocals at the 717 Entertainment Music Awards on March 22nd.  I’ve got some work to do & an awesome outfit to pick out.  🙂

Here are a few links that I’ve come across in my researching:

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