We currently have a black lab/pit named Sebastian, who is my daughter’s Emotional Support Animal. We had him since he was about five weeks old, and he just turned nine recently. A few months ago, we got a kitten named Matilda. She’s a crazy cat, but super loving. We also have several fancy pet rats. We are working on adopting most of them to new homes.

I’ve had a lot of different types of pets since I was a kid. I once had a Sulcata tortoise, a few turtles, lots of snakes, crustaceans, snails, electric eel, lizards, tarantula, American alligator, Kayman, hermit crabs, iguana, guinea pig, rabbits, beta fish, regular fish, and sea monkeys. Over 20 years ago, my ex husband and I had a reptile rescue. We also had a few of our own, like a reticulated python that we bought as a tiny baby and grew to be the most docile giant.

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