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Starting Another Ghost Journey

So, I’m obsessed with metaphysical things once again. It’s actually something that kind of always sticks with me, but I go through phases where it’s a bit more of a serious obsession. Like this time, I went all out. I bought an digital voice recorder and a ghost scanner. I tried them each once and that was it.

I’ve been watching the Dead Files and some other shows all the time. I’m looking into different apps, but I’m reading a lot about how they aren’t very reliable. I’m considering a FLIR or maybe a REM Pod, but I’m just not sure yet. I should be good then I think. Maybe.

Then I did some google searching. I asked how to communicate with the dead. I clicked on the WikiHow result, which was last updated recently in 2021. They got into the basics, so I didn’t learn very much, besides maybe how to fine tune a few things. It explains how to use a mirror, a flashlight, and more.

I then ventured to, updated possibly early 2000’s. I learned that “Before the ties were severed to psychics in 1996, the CIA and various U.S. Defense Department intelligence agencies spent $20 million in an effort to turn psychics into spy satellites.”

After that, I wandered over to The Library of Congress and read “Communicating with the Dead: Can the Unknown be Regulated?”. It’s an article about different Acts in the UK against communicating with the dead. The first one was in 1517, which said that anyone engaging in witchcraft would be punished by death.

While it was a bit interesting, none of this is what I needed. I’ll try the DVR and SBox again and see what happens.