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I’m just a crazy and out of sorts mom, who’s always going through some sort of phase along my journey.

I post about my family, pets, shenanigans, mental struggles, metaphysical things, current obsessions, saving money, and other random things. I also do what I can to help support my friend’s local bands, books, and businesses.

I’m constantly updating, so please come back anytime to visit my madness.

My name is Jessie. I once used the name Rhiana Ruby while writing for a Metaphysical newsletter many many moons ago. Several call me Sparkles, but I’m known as Lady Skullshine by a few. My favorite name and role is Mom to my two daughters, Haley 22 and Scarlet 15.

A Few Favorites

  • Obsessed with my kids, our pets, Alice In Wonderland, glitter, hot pink, ice cream, chocolate
  • Comic books – Alice in Wonderland and the GFT series from Zenescope
  • Movies – Alice In Wonderland, Guardians of the Galaxy, 300, Tin Man, Iron Man, The Wizard Of Oz, Midnight Run, Casino
  • Music genre – A little bit of everything, but mostly metal

*** aka LadySkullshine ***

LadySkullshine originated in 2011. The name was created from brainstorming with a few others, with a combination of lilmisunshine, skulls, and I forget the rest. We joked about it, but it stuck and people started to know who I was by that name.

At the time, I was in between jobs. I started managing the band Apocryfiend, and was also diving into a ton of promoting and photography. I really wanted to help my local metal music community. I became friends with a lot of them and saw their struggles. I created this site to house their info. I also helped to make and sell merchandise, and did some promotional modelling too as a Lead Farmer Girl, and a BizR Babe. This all quickly spread to other music genres beyond PA, as well as to local businesses. I was even asked to present a music award two years in a row.

After returning to work, things tapered off a bit over time, until I was no longer actively involved. The last thing I really did was a few years ago when I starred in my close friend Skip’s horror movie with my oldest daughter. You can actually find us on IMDb, which is pretty cool.

All of these experiences have been a lot of fun, emotional, and educational. I also got to meet a ton of people over the years. Even though those days are over, it’s still pretty cool that you can now Google LadySkullshine and you’ll find a whole lot of my work.

Over time, I no longer needed my site, but I couldn’t bear to let it go. I’m a packrat. I left it up and continued to support everyone by keeping their info displayed.

A little bit ago I decided to use my site again and completely revamped it. I thought about changing the name, but didn’t get very far. My focus last year was on saving money and making a few extra bucks. I’m currently changing things up a bit again. Please check back for updates.

A Few Pics By LadySkullshine Photography

These were taken several years ago. There’s entirely too many to share, but I do plan to add more as I go through old pics.

LadySkullshine Era

Photos taken by LadySkullshine Photography. Photoshoots & live shows.

I’ve Been Mentioned In The Following:

  • 717 Music Awards Promotional Material
  • BizR Ent Radio
  • Damsels of Darkness Tour 2012, 2013, 2014 promotional materials
  • Decaysia’s CD released 12/21/12, Inside Cover
  • Fyre & Ice Show
  • IMDb: Actress in Camp Hideaway Massacre (2018) by BizR Ent
  • Infernal Opera’s Road Trip to California as Sponsor
  • Featured in Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide interview List Magazine, CA
  • Pennsylvania Metal
  • Prolific Radio
  • The Sayjin Tyler Show

Past Experience Working With:

717 Music Awards (2 yrs) – Apocryfiend – Behind The Grey – BizR Babes/BizR Entertainment/BizR Films (ongoing) – Black Fate – Born Of Chaos Records – Chinga – Cypher LX – Damsels Of Darkness Tour (3 yrs) – Decaysia – Garfield Hotel & Grille – G Child – Gutrot – Indefinite Dyad – Infernal Opera – Jabber Jaws – Jimmy’s Place – Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide – March To Victory – Metal Thunder Radio – Mindmaze – Mistress – No Remorse For The Fallen – Ominous – Our Ashes Remain – OVLO – Pennsylvania Metal – Pool Of Thorns – Plug’d In Magazine – Rearview Destroyer – Sandraudiga – Save The Zombies – Skulleroc – Sorrowseed – Suffocation – The Sterling – Threadz Clothing – To Be Determined (Dev’s project) – and more.

A Few Recommendations:

“…she is a hard working and very thorough worker at all that she does….” – Joseph Covell, Cromaidz Productions

“Jessica is a very dedicated and passionate person who loves what she does and is wonderful at it….” – Rev. MoonChild, Metaphysion

“… Her passion for what she does as well as her meticulous attention to detail are what make her great at what she does….” Andrew Wagner, AMCORP

More recommendations, found here.

This site is updated often and new content is always being added. Please bookmark the home page, so you can always find your way back to visit.

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