About Me


LSE began with helping out the local metal community and local businesses with promotion & photography.

Now, I’m sharing some financial help & random thoughts while spreading awareness & learning a few things along the way.

Jessie aka LadySkullshine

My name is Jessie and I’m really not very interesting. Hippy child of the 70’s. Mama bear to my two baby girls (20 & 13). They are my everything. I have a very protective and loving fiance. He’s been the inspiration behind my Numismatics page. We also have an awesome service dog. He’s a black lab/pit mix, named Bastian. I love animals, music, collecting fairies & glassware, learning new things, saving & making extra money, & helping others. I’m obsessed with taking pictures of everything possible, Alice in Wonderland, Zenescope comics, Guardians of the Galaxy & Iron Man, Ancient Aliens, sparkles, crystals, spreadsheets, & technology. I’ve been given nicknames such as Sparkles, Jilly (Family Guy), Kelly Bundy, to name a few. I also used the name Rhiana Ruby briefly (about 13 yrs ago) while writing for a newsletter. I’m not a sports fan & can do without TV mostly. It’s just background noise, unless it’s the news or very particular shows/movies.
So, that’s really it, that’s me.

Then There’s The Question Of Who’s LadySkullshine?

LadySkullshine, the name itself, originated around 2010. It came out of brainstorming with a few others. We threw around a combination of lilmisunshine and skulls and I forget the rest. We joked about it, but it stuck and people started to know who I was by that name. At the time, I was in between jobs. I had just started managing a band and was diving into a ton of promoting and photography. I wanted to help the local metal music community in the Lehigh Valley, PA. I became friends with a lot of them and saw their struggles. I then created this site to house their info. I also helped to make and sell band merchandise, did some modelling, and anything else I could to help out. This quickly spread to other music genres beyond PA, as well as local businesses.

After returning to work, things tapered off a bit over time until I was no longer actively involved. The last thing I really did was a few years ago when I starred in my friend’s horror movie Camp Hideaway Massacre 2018, with my oldest daughter. You can actually find us on IMDb, which is pretty cool. All of these experiences have been a great mix of fun, emotion, education, and I met a ton of people over the years. Even though those days are over, it’s still pretty cool that you can now Google LadySkullshine and you’ll find a whole lot of my work.

I couldn’t bear to let my domain go. I’m a packrat. I left my site up and continued to support everyone by keeping their info displayed. I recently decided to use my site again and completely revamped it. I’m slowly minimizing the old LadySkullshine Entertainment archival, to make room for new content. I thought about changing the name, but didn’t get very far. My site has now shifted focus on financial related tips, items I’m selling, awareness of several disabilities that affect my life, random thoughts, along with anything else I decide to add at some point. My mind is always all over the place so who knows where that may take us.

Past Experience Working With:

717 Music Awards (2 yrs) – Apocryfiend – Behind The Grey – BizR Babes / BizR Entertainment / BizR Films – Black Fate – Born Of Chaos Records – Chinga – Damsels Of Darkness Tour (3 yrs) – Decaysia – Garfield Hotel & Grille – Gutrot – Indefinite Dyad – Infernal Opera – Jabber Jaws – Jimmy’s Place – Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide – March To Victory – Metal Thunder Radio – Mindmaze – Mistress – No Remorse For The Fallen – Ominous – Our Ashes Remain – OVLO – Pennsylvania Metal – Pool Of Thorns – Plug’d In Magazine – Rearview Destroyer – Sandraudiga – Save The Zombies – Skulleroc – Sorrowseed – Suffocation – Threadz Clothing – Valley Rockers Calendar (2013) – Assisted in several charitable events

I’ve Been Mentioned In The Following:

  • 717 Music Awards Promotional Material
  • BizR Ent Radio
  • Damsels of Darkness Tour 2012, 2013, 2014 promotional materials
  • The Fyre & Ice Show
  • Sponsor of Infernal Opera’s Road Trip to California
  • Pennsylvania Metal
  • Prolific Radio
  • The Sayjin Tyler Show
  • Featured in Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide interview in List Magazine, CA
  • The inside cover of Decaysia’s CD released 12/21/12
  • IMDb: Actress in Camp Hideaway Massacre by Skip BizR 2018

Local Music Entertainment around PA, NY, NJ:

***Stars next to the names indicate that I’ve taken photos of them.
I have a few displayed on the LS Photography Archival page.***

Metal Music \m/
Apocryfiend*-PA — Black Fate*-PA — Behind The Grey*-PA — BlyndSyde*-PA — Burial Mound* — Cacd Tribute-PA — Chinga*-PA — Cover Her Face*-PA — Crushpile* — Curse of Sorrow*-PA — DDS-PA — Decaysia*-PA — Deprived*-PA — Hell Freeze*-PA — I Am The Trireme*-PA — Indefinite Dyad* — Infernal Opera*-PA — Kinslayer*-PA — Krosis*-PA — Mindmaze*-PA — March To Victory*-PA — Mistress*-PA — No Remorse For The Fallen*-PA — Ominous*-NJ — Our Ashes Remain*-PA — Ovlo*-PA — Pool of Thorns*-PA — Power Theory*-PA — Prosody-PA — ReKindle*-NJ — Remember These Lies* — Sandraudiga*-PA — Save The Zombies*-PA — Skalped*-PA — Skinsect*-PA — Sorrowseed*-MA — Stingy Jack*-PA — SuperTruck*-PA — The Dawn of Appolyon*-PA — Throdl*-PA — Unit Ready*-PA

Other Mixed Local Genre
Bright Fame*-PA — Devon Davies*PA — The Poet-Lariats (David Scott Smith)- PA — Ebeneezer* — Flight Case Syndrome* — G-Child*(VH1’s White Rapper)PA — Kamikaze Kupcakes* — Kevin Haterman* — Local Demise* — Observe the 93rd* —The Chosen Ones*-PA — Skulleroc-NY

National Bands I was lucky to meet and take pics of the following.
JennCity *(Played DOD Tour) — Joey Belladonna*Local band Our Ashes Remain opened up. — Machinage* — Suffocation*

Local Music Industry ( PA & surrounding areas)
BIZ R ENT* — Born Of Chaos Records* — CT Music Straps — Midnight Studios — Valley Rockers Calendar

Local Entertainment Resources
610tonight — Metal Local — Rocking In The Valley Blog — Soulgrinder Zine — The Indie Authority

Online Radio Stations Playing Local Music
191 Philly Bands Global Teleradio — Athena Music Media — BizR Ent Radio — The Fyre and Ice Show — Frank Foe Radio — Metal Thunder Radio — Prolifick Radio — The Sayjin Taylor Show*

Local Businesses Promoted In The Past. PA & Surrounding
101 Communications — Accentuate Positivity Foundation Funding site — Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry & Design — Colette’s Collection — Creepy-dolls — Cypher Lx – Dragon Scratch Emporium* — KMC Property Management — Robert March Personal Adjuster — Serendipity Bloom — SilencioBarnes — SillettCo Fence Inc.

All Female-Fronted Heavy Metal/Rock/Punk Tour


Born Of Chaos Records, Aleigha Evans started the Damsels Of Darkness Tour in 2012. She got the Lead Farmer Girls heavily involved. This turned out very successful and DOD13 and DOD14 then followed.

DOD Events Sponsored By
Matt Detmer’s Top Notch Artistry — Born Of Chaos Records — The Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide – LadySkullshine Entertainment

LinkedIn Recommendations:

“Jessica is a very dedicated and passionate person who loves what she does and is wonderful at it. She is very trustworthy and great to work with!!! Jessica is one of those rare people who “Says what she means, and means what she says”!!!! She is a wonderful person and awesome promoter!!!”
– May 30, 2012, LinkedIn MoonChild Garcia, Rev. MoonChild, Metaphysion

“I’ve had the privilege to watch LadySkullshine Photography grow from the ground up. Jessica is a consummate professional, taking only the best photographs possible. Her passion for what she does as well as her meticulous attention to detail are what make her great at what she does. I have no doubt that LadySkullshine Photography will only grow in its success.”
– May 30, 2012 , LinkedIn Andrew Wagner, Technical Writer, AMCORP

“I’ve worked closely with Jessica for quite sometime, and she is a hard working and very thorough worker at all that she does. Keep her in mind for all your photography needs, she displays only the utmost of professionalism at all time!”
– May 30, 2012, LinkedIn Joseph Covell, Founder, Owner, and Operator, Cromaidz Productions

For More About LadySkullshine:

Who Is LadySkullshine?
Local Support – Archival
Local Music Photos – Archival

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