Money Saving Tips


I literally take advantage of every possible bit of savings available before, during, and after every transaction. In the sections below, I explain the different options that I use. It may take longer, but it’s worth the extra money that is saved. There are a lot of different scenarios, so it can get complicated. Don’t get overwhelmed. Just do what you can and develop your own ways to save. Every little bit helps.

Disclaimer: Everyone’s results will vary accordingly. Where I fall short, you may excel and vice versa. Also bear in mind that I’m in Pennsylvania USA, using an Android phone and a Windows 10 laptop. Some apps may not work for you due to platform, location, etc.

Maximize Savings:

The key is to combine as much as possible to make the most of your money. But honestly, every little bit you can do helps. Start with what you are comfortable with.

A few simple things to start with.

  • Sign up for Loyalty Programs to save on purchases & get other perks.
  • Keep track of pricing and sales.
  • Buy gift cards at a discounted rate.

These are a bit more involved, but I have additional details below.

The following have been moved to their own pages.

  • Scan Receipts: I use about ten apps to scan my receipts for cash back.
  • Rebating: Get items free after rebate.

  • Coupons:

There are all sorts of coupons including printed, digital, manufacturer, store, coupon codes, and so on. To get the best results, I would recommend learning the rules for each store, the different kinds of coupons/ deals available, and what can be combined.

  • Subscribe To Newspaper. They run specials for weekend delivery.
  • $1 Papers at Dollar Tree. There’s a limit of 3 per day, Sat & Sun.
  • Digital Coupons. Clip (save) them on their site/ app.
  • Kiosks. Some stores, like CVS, print special coupons in store.
  • Manufacturer’s Sites. Several have a printable coupon section.
  • Third Party Sites. Print manufacturer’s coupons from other sites..
  • Magazines. They often have coupons and samples tucked inside.
  • In The Mail. Very few will send any, but I managed to get some high value coupons and samples too.
    • Blue (dog food), Bush’s, Celestial Seasonings, Chicken of the Sea, Daisy, Frito Lay, Hostess, Hungry Jack, Jif, Juicy Juice, Kellogg, Maruchan, Ocean Spray, OnCor, Quaker, Seventh Generation, Tyson.
    • I also received samples from Degree deodorant, Breathe Rite strips, Seventh Generation detergent.

***Expired manufacturer coupons can be used by our overseas military, for up to six months past their date. You can mail them directly or send them to the Support Our Troops: Troopons Program. There are some guidelines to this on their site that you should review first.

  • Cash Back:

Verify all of the requirements needed to receive cash back. Also, keep track of when you are paid. I placed a few online grocery orders before I realized I wasn’t getting paid and it was my own fault.

  • Credit Cards
  • Apps/Sites
    • Paribus
    • RebatesMe
    • Rakuten

Credit Cards

A lot of cards give cash back on purchases anymore. I actually get a decent amount back, but then I make a lot of purchases on Amazon. I get most of my money back already for my items, plus extra cash back from my cards.

I’ve used Capital One for several years and never had any problems with them. I get cash back all the time on my purchases. Try Capital One with my Referral Link.


  • Paribus:

Paribus is owned by Capital One. You would need to link Paribus to your Amazon profile. It will scan for late deliveries, notify you, then help you to get your cash back. You can even do this if you have Prime.

When applicable, Paribus will send an email stating that they have detected a late delivery, and you may be eligible for compensation from Amazon. When you click the link, it takes you to their site. There will be a pop up with the steps, along with the order number, and a pre-written message for you to use in chat.

It literally only takes one minute to do this and receive a credit. I’ve done it myself several times. This does not go on your Amazon gift card balance. It will show up in your cart when you place an order. You’ll see it in the payment section with a checkbox for you to choose it.

I don’t have a referral link for this, but thought Paribus was worth sharing.

  • RebatesMe:

I originally created a RebatesMe account in February and received a $5 bonus. Then, I got a $1 bonus for installing the browser extension. Each time I place one of my Walmart orders, I click on RebatesMe to get 4.2% cash back.

Try RebatesMe with my Referral Link, and Code: 4FTZTR. Thank you!

  • Rakuten (prev. Ebates):

Rakuten gives you a cash back percentage when you shop at certain stores. You can either use their site, app, or extension. Your cash back accumulates on your account until you have a balance of $5 to cash out.

I used to use this a lot more often, but they stopped paying for Amazon and a few others that I shop at. So far, I’ve cashed out $11.

Try Rakuten with my Referral Link, and Code: 44753. Thank you!

For more financial information, seeSmile, Sparkle, Save!Financial Basics, Money Saving Tips, Scan Receipts, Rebating, Savings Page, Extra Money Tips. Everything else can be found on the Site Map.

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