Money Saving Tips

I do my best to take advantage of every possible bit of savings available before, during, and after every transaction. It may take longer, but it’s worth the extra money. Try to combine as many scenarios together as possible to make the most out of your money, starting with what you are most comfortable with.

You can begin by finding the nearest store, that has the best prices overall. Use their loyalty program to get additional deals. Keep an eye on sales, stack coupons where possible, and stock up. You can use payment cards that give you cash back. There are also a few apps that will pay for your receipts. Sometimes you can also find coupon codes for food items, and so many other things on Amazon. That’s all extra money in your pocket.

*** See also the Savings Page to find all sorts of places to save money. For ways to make a few extra bucks, visit the Extra Money page.


There are all sorts of coupons including printed, digital, manufacturer, store, discount codes, and so on. To get the best results, I would recommend learning the rules for each store, the different kinds of coupons and deals available, and what can be combined.

*** More details, along with digital and paper coupon resources can be found on the Coupons page.

Discount Codes

Discount codes can be found all over the place. Companies and sellers give them out, and so do third party companies and affiliates. I mostly use them on Amazon, but I also use them for other retailers at times. In some cases, they will discount up to 100%.

*** See the Discount Codes page for more detailed information.


Get samples and even full sized items for free. More information about Freebies can be found here.

Cash Back Shopping

There’s lots of ways to get cash back from your purchases. I shop through third party sites, and pay with a payment card that gives me cash back. Then I submit my receipts for even more money back.

  • Third Party Apps/Sites
  • Payment Cards
  • Submit Receipts

*** See the Cash Back page for more detailed information.


A rebate is cash back from your purchase. There’s all different kinds of rebates. Your electric company may offer one if you buy a new fridge and dispose of your old one. A company may offer one when you buy their product. If it’s an Amazon product, I would advise against providing a review in exchange for free products. They have strict guidelines and will restrict your account.

Scan Receipts

Get money back from your receipts. I’ve made over $650 doing this with multiple apps. For more information, see the Submit Receipts page.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be bought at a discounted rate. You can usually them for places like Domino’s, Dunkin, Walmart, CVS, Kmart, Kohls, Home Depot, and more. For more information, see the Gift Cards page.

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