Money Saving Tips

I literally take advantage of every possible bit of savings available before, during, and after every transaction. It may take longer, but it’s worth the extra money. Try to combine as much as possible to make the most of your money, starting with what you are most comfortable with.

Start by finding the nearest store that has the best prices overall. Use their loyalty program to get additional deals. Keep an eye on sales, stack coupons where possible, and stock up. You can use payment cards that give you cash back. There are also a few apps that will pay for your receipts. That’s all extra money towards your grocery bill. Sometimes you can also find coupon codes for food items and so many other things on Amazon.

See also the Savings Page to find all sorts of places to save money. For ways to make a few extra bucks, visit the Extra Money page.


There are all sorts of coupons including printed, digital, manufacturer, store, coupon codes, and so on. To get the best results, I would recommend learning the rules for each store, the different kinds of coupons and deals available, and what can be combined.

More details, along with digital and paper coupon resources can be found on the Coupons page.

Cash Back

There’s all sorts of ways to get some cash back from your purchases. I shop through third party sites, and pay with a payment card that gives me cash back. Then I submit my receipt for even more money back. Verify all of the requirements needed to make sure you receive cash back. You can usually keep track of all transactions on their site to verify if you were paid and how much.

  • Apps/Sites
  • Credit Cards
  • Submit Receipts
  • Late Delivery Credit (Amazon)
Cash Back Apps/Sites

There’s several different third party companies that offer a percentage of your cash back when you shop through their app or site. Honestly, I haven’t taken the time to figure out who has the highest cash back yet. But these are the ones that I have been using recently.


Raise offers cash back, and you can also purchase discounted gift cards from them as well.


Rakuten used to be known as Ebates. They give you a cash back percentage when you shop at certain stores. You can either use their site, app, or extension. Try Rakuten with my Referral Link, Code: 44753. Thank you!


RebatesMe has been my go to cash back site since February. I’ve been using it on all my Walmart and Chewy orders too. Try RebatesMe with my Referral Link, and Code: 4FTZTR. Thank you!


Swagbucks has multiple ways to earn money, but they also have cash back shopping.

Top Cashback

I signed up for Top Cashback a while ago and never really used it much. I just recently started seeing posts about it so I thought I’d try it again. Try it out with me if you like with my link. I’ll update later how it works out.

Cash Back Credit Cards

A lot of cards give cash back on purchases anymore. I actually get a decent amount back, but then I make a lot of purchases on Amazon. I get most of my money back already for my items, plus extra cash back from my cards. You can see more Financial Companies here.

Capital One

Try Capital One with my Referral Link. I’ve used them for several years and never had any problems.

Submit Receipts

There are several apps that I use to submit my receipts to for cash back. They are listed on the Scan Receipts page.

Late Delivery Credit (Amazon)

Amazon has a policy that if a package is late, you may be able to get a courtesy credit.

For more information, along with other ways to save on Amazon, see the All Things Amazon page.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be bought at a discounted rate from a third party site. You can usually get cards for places like Domino’s, Dunkin, Walmart, CVS, Kmart, Kohls, Home Depot, and more. You can sometimes get a gift card from Amazon when you buy one for someone. You can also sell gift cards too.


You can shop through Raise to get cash back, but you can also buy gift cards from them. To get extra cash back, use another third party site to purchase a gift card on Raise. has gift cards that you can buy at a discounted rate. I just bought $100 worth of dining passes for Dunkin, McDonalds, Dominos for only $12. It also comes with all sorts of special discounts that can be reused for six months.

Money Saving Blog Posts

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