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What Is Your Biggest Motivation?

Every day is a new adventure. Some days, I’m frozen not being able to leave my bed, much less my house. I feel like an empty shell, just staring into space, while occasionally drifting off. I think my brain just goes into overdrive from thinking about everything that has to be done for the day. While other days, I can jump right out and face the world, without even thinking about it.

I’m also a night owl mostly, which adds more havoc to the mix. As the day gets later, I’m a multi-tasking crazy girl just trying to get it all done. This eventually conflicts with my fiance’ and daughter’s sleep schedules, so I force myself to go to sleep before I really am ready to.

Either way, I absolutely hate all the wasted time. I need to get my head together a bit more, so I can work on that better. Otherwise, I’m just stuck in this never-ending viscous cycle.

I’m pretty sure my biggest motivation overall is my youngest daughter, Scarlet. If it weren’t for her, I probably would sleep most of the day away and do next to nothing. Everything I do, I do for her. She has several disabilities, yet no matter what she has been through, she is always full of laughter and love. My babies are my world, no matter what age they are. They know that I am always Mama Bear and do anything I can for them. My eldest Haley is 19 and doesn’t quite need me so much. She’s moved to another country. This makes me sad and proud all at once. I miss her dearly.

My fiance’ is also a motivation, but in a different way. He reminds me often about how many times my ways have failed lol. It can be frustrating sometimes, but he means well. I do get side-tracked entirely too easily. Literally, I will see a puppy and completely get off track. So, yea I see his frustration as well. A lot of times, I make my own race to accomplish a certain set of tasks to prove to him that I can do it. Which in turn helps keep me focused.

What is your biggest motivation?

Maybe I’ll Get It Done, One Day

I have never been on good terms with time.

I tend to take on entirely too much and expect too much of myself. I’m constantly multi-tasking, trying to do it all at once, and fail miserably. I am always getting side tracked easily and can’t accomplish anything completely. I procrastinate constantly. I panic and can’t think straight. I’m also extremely forgetful. Add my multiple mental issues that can take over quickly.

I think the worst part of it all, is how it affects others. I really only want to make everyone else happy, but it is often is seen differently. No matter how much I try to prove otherwise. None of it is intentional. Believe me, I’d change in a heartbeat if I could.

It’s an ongoing struggle. I take a lot of baby steps towards accomplishments and I do celebrate them. I’ve come a long way on some levels, while in other ways I feel that I’ve fallen backwards a few steps. Either way, I find the silver lining or lesson and then move again. Staying positive is sometimes all that’s left to pull me back out of the rabbit hole.

For instance, this current post that I am writing took me 3 days to complete. Between being side tracked, deciding whether to even share it, renaming it, and so on. The distractions are appreciated though. Like, yesterday I accomplished very little, but my daughter and I made pink pancakes and I took her to get her hair and nails done. She was so very excited and happy. That always makes it so worth it. Today was actually a much more productive day. I got to check off a ton of things from my to do list. And we even made chocolate dipped strawberries for the 1st time. They didn’t look pleasant since the chocolate didn’t melt how we expected, but they were delicious and didn’t last long at all.

I was also able to list a few more coins today. I know we would do better if they were graded, but we can’t afford to do that at the moment. They have been heavily researched though. If interested, check out my Coins page. I need to add my new listings. You can also follow my ebay to stay current.

There’s so many things to do yet and my head is spinning, but again I’m running out of time for the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be productive as well.

Thanks a bunch for visiting,


Happy Valentines’ Day

I really don’t have anything new today, other than I updated my post from yesterday since I forgot to add a link to my actual page and I’m still working out a few things to make this site look a little better.

I spent the day showering my youngest daughter with Valentines’ treats and fun. I got her all sorts of gifts, we made pancakes with hearts all over them, and watched a movie she’s been wanting to see for a while. My oldest is out of the house, but we exchanged our love via text. My fiance doesn’t buy into all the holiday consumer crap, he says. Although, he still ordered gifts for us that will arrive late. That’s his work around to say it’s not for the holiday lol.

Today really got away from me, but it was fun and I still plan to list some more ebay items. I have a lot of coins and some random books to add. I will add them here as well.

If anyone is reading this, let me know. I appreciate the feedback and also the knowledge that I’m not talking to myself (more than I already do).

Thank you!


Who Would Read My Blog?

According to my next task, I’m supposed to determine the kind of person who would read my blog and what I would like to say to them. This is intended to help focus my thoughts and goals towards that specific person.

I know the assignments are cheesy, but my mind is all over the place. This helps me get used to blogging more and gives me something to chat about.

Honestly, I don’t know who would actually read my blog. I have no preference, as long as they bring no issues and enjoy their visit. My site has lived through about 10 years of changes. I could see all sorts of people reading it at one point or another, while I could also see none at all. That’s part of why I have gone back and forth with posting. While I’ve been pretty eclectic, I just don’t know that what I have to say is interesting enough to continue reading. Originally, this site was all about promoting others. Now, it’s more about what I would like share on my time. Content has shifted, but the idea of helping others is still there.

To those that are reading my blog, I’d definitely like to say Thank You and I appreciate it immensely. Please feel free contribute by liking posts and commenting.

Music Mix 🎶

This mix is very much eclectic, so don’t be shocked when it goes from a current country song, into an old hair metal band from back in my day lol.

Update: I’m not really on Spotify these days due to subscription pricing & massive ads. Pandora is always my go-to favorite.