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While I do all that I can to save money, I’m also always looking for ways to make a few extra bucks. There are so many apps and companies out there that advertise they will pay you for certain tasks. A lot of them pay very little and take a long time to complete. It can be overwhelming and confusing, and eventually it just isn’t worth it.

I’ve actually managed to find a few things that have been successful for me. The tasks are generally simple. They include surveys, playing games, reading articles, data entry, and so on.

Please use my referral links and codes, so that we both may receive an incentive. Thank you!

  • A Few General Tips:
  • Make sure payouts are worth it. Ex: Starbucks cards, you shop Dunkin.
  • Follow all the rules for each site to ensure that you get paid.
  • Contact them right away with issues, with details & screenshots.
  • Keep track your time vs. how much money you are making.
  • Pay attention to payout amounts. You may get more back if you wait.

Everyone’s results will vary. I’m in Pennsylvania USA, using an Android phone and a Windows 10 laptop.

Earn Gift Cards

I have listed below the apps and sites I have personally used to earn gift cards. My favorites have stars next to them. I have been paid by each of them, however, I may not be using some due to certain reasons explained below. I always cash out via Amazon gift card, unless it’s not available. I can’t vouch for what else is available for each app.

Play Games

This is super simple. You literally just play games, while accumulating points towards gift cards. The app has to track your gaming activity, so you’ll need to adjust your security settings. I have tried a few of these, which was a bit time consuming. Originally, Fitplay seemed alright when I cashed out $15, but then my points stopped accumulating. I also tried Money Rawr, but I ran into a few issues. I ended up only making $1.

Eventually, I have found the most success with Mistplay.

  • Mistplay :

I have used Mistplay for about a year, and have made $130 from it. I’m working on cashing out $25 soon.

Besides being paid from actual game play, you can also get a bonus if you log in daily for a week straight. There’s additional bonuses as well. Every so often, a game will be “boosted” for a limited time. This means that you will earn points a lot faster. I always install these games right away and play them as much as I can until the boost is over.

When you use my referral link, I will receive extra points.

Blog posts – #Mistplay * 2/26/20 * 5/2/20 * 8/26/20 * 3/11/21 * 5/15/21 *

Passive Apps

The following apps take very minimal effort, in general. They may have other tasks like installing other apps, completing offers, surveys, and so on.

  • Achievement
  • Giftloop***
  • Lucktastic
  • Lucky Money
  • Mobile Xpression***
  • Money App
  • Achievement:

Once the Achievement app is installed, it can then be connected to other fitness apps, like Fitbit and Samsung Health. It then automatically accumulates points when you do things like walking or weighing yourself. When you log into the app, there may be a survey or articles to read for extra points. I’ve made $10 just doing things I normally would have.

  • Giftloop***:

Giftloop is one of my favorite multitasking apps. I’ve made $40 so far. I just swipe through the screens, until I see a cute cat meme. Then I stop to collect coins. There’s also high payout surveys, “daily specials”, and coins for charging your phone.

They just added games, but it conflicts with other apps on my phone. If you try them out, let me know how it is.

  • Lucktastic:

Lucktastic has scratch offs, app installs, and a few other things. I’ve made $5 from this one. They only have a limited number of gift cards available daily for cash out. I gave up looking a while back.

  • Lucky Money:

Lucky Money has mostly scratch offs, but there’s a few other things like lotto and free spins. I have made $30 with very little effort. Gift cards are not always available for cash out, you may have to get a lower amount.

  • MobileXpression***:

The MobileXpression app runs in the background of your phone. Once a week I open the app, which takes me to my browser. Click Continue, then claim another 5 points. That’s literally it. I have made $85 just by clicking a few buttons. Love this app.

  • Money App:

I briefly used this last year. If I recall, they pushed installing apps to get more points. It stopped accumulating for me. I quit after cashing out $5.


I have listed the following as survey sites, either because they primarily do surveys or they do them, along with other tasks. While some don’t seem to pay much, it adds up quickly. Surveys do pay decent, if you have the patience and focus to do them. That’s where I fall short. I’m working on that and will have more posted here soon.

  • Crowdtap
  • Inbox Dollars
  • My Points
  • Prolific
  • You Gov
  • Crowdtap:

Crowdtap has an app and a site where you take surveys. Most of them are quick with one question, and pay three points. Some are slightly more involved, but nothing like most of the other survey sites.

When you open the app, you’ll see what resembles a bingo board full of colored boxes. You click each one to answer a question, until you have cleared the board. Then wait a moment to give you more. Once it’s completely cleared, you can check the site for more surveys.

So far, I’ve made $40 with Crowdtap. If you’d like to try it out, please use my referral link. Thanks!

  • Inbox Dollars:

Inbox Dollars has a few different things like taking surveys, searching the web, completing offers, etc.

There’s a new feature that you can scan receipts for points, however mine isn’t working properly. Per support, it’s in beta mode right now.

I cashed out $43 so far. Please use my referral link if you try Inbox Dollars.

  • My Points:

Besides surveys, My Points has games, points for shopping, reading emails, printing coupons, and more. I made $20 on mostly opening emails and printing a few coupons.

  • Prolific:

Prolific has occasional “studies”. These are basically surveys but there’s also tasks. I just did one that was a reaction test. I had to lift my depressed fingers on the keyboard when a number displays on the screen. I currently have a pending balance of $14 Euro, which will be converted in PayPal.

Last I checked Prolific is available 33 countries. I’ve read a lot about some people having difficulty getting accepted, and then getting surveys may be rare. Honestly, I rarely get them. It goes by your demographic and questions you answer about yourself.

  • You Gov:

YouGov has two apps. YouGov is the Panel app for surveys, which can also be done on a computer. YG Pulse is the app that runs in the background of your phone, automatically accumulating points. Overall, they are pretty generous with points. I’ve made $115 so far.


Get paid to do microtasks on your own time. I’m currently testing a few more of these.

  • Amazon mTurk
  • Clickworker
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk):

MTURK consists of mostly microtasks that you do for Amazon. This may include surveys, extracting receipt information, provide search results, pulling data from a site, rate pics, and so on. I’ve made $22.

I’ve read a lot about others not getting accepted, and the lack of work in certain countries. Also, when you first start, you only qualify for certain tasks that pay lower amounts. This will increase over time. I’ve seen some pretty decent income reports from people doing this.

  • Clickworker:

Do tasks like uploading pics, google search, surveys, etc. I haven’t done a lot with Clickworker yet, but I plan to work on it a bit more. I only have $2 pending to cash out.

When you use my referral link and make $10, I will get a $5 incentive. Thank you!

Miscellaneous Extras

There are a lot of ways to make a few extra bucks. You just have to look.

  • Banking Extras
  • Class Action Settlements
  • Unclaimed Property

  • Banking Extras:

I have a loan through One Main Financial, and noticed they have a section on their website that you can earn points. So far, I’ve cashed out $60 in Amazon and Dunkin Donuts gift cards. All I do is read articles, use the loan calculator, log in, etc.

Log into all of your accounts to see if they have features like this.

  • Class Action Settlements:

You may be owed money as part of a class action settlement. To find out, check the Class Action site. If you are able to claim settlement funds, they quickly take you through the process to submit it online.

Per their site: “Every year, millions of dollars are left on the table in unclaimed settlement funds. In some cases, this is simply because people are unaware of their rights to claim settlement money – or are confused as to what’s involved in staking their claims.”

  • Unclaimed Property:

I believe that each state has their own Treasury site. I found mine by using Credit Karma’s Resource section. If you live in PA, use this link. I received a $780 check last year, and I have another claim that I’m working on now.

When you locate your state’s site, search for your name, then click to claim the property. You will then need to print the claim form, and follow the instructions provided.

For more financial information, seeSimple Financial TipsStart With Basics, Saving Money, Scan Receipts, Rebating. Everything else can be found on the Site Map.

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