Extra Money

While I try to focus on what I can do to save money, it’s always great to make a few extra bucks too.

Please be aware: The IRS has decreased the income reporting threshold amount to $600, from $20,000 this year. If you receive money via PayPal, Venmo, or other third party entities, you may need to file a 1099. You can get more info from the IRS site or check with your tax accountant.

Sell Items

There are several ways to sell items, whether used or brand new. You can sell one item, have a yard sale, rent a booth, use apps or sites to sell online, and more. There’s lots of ways to advertise too. If you plan to have a yard sale, check with your community first to verify if you need a permit or not. From my experience, it’s usually about $10. If there was a community yard sale, then it was free to set up for me.

Get Paid To Do Tasks

Get paid to do different types of tasks. Some will take very minimal effort, while others can be a bit more involved. They include things like browsing, data share, playing music, reading articles, surveys, gaming, and more.

*** Click here for more information about these different types of tasks.

Unclaimed Property

I believe that each state has their own Treasury site. I found mine by using Credit Karma’s Resource section. When you locate your state’s site, search for your name, then click to claim the property. You will most likely need to print a claim form. Follow the instructions provided.

Class Action Settlements

You may be owed money as part of a legit class action settlement. If you receive a post card in the mail regarding a specific claim, don’t ignore it. You can go to the site listed on the card for more information, then submit your claim with the code that has been assigned to you.

To find out if you qualify for any other settlements, check this Class Action site. If you are able to claim settlement funds, they take you through the process to submit it online.

  • Banking Extras: When I had a loan, they had a section on their site where you could earn points. I cashed out $60 in Amazon and Dunkin’ gift cards. All I did was read articles, use the loan calculator, log in, etc. Check your accounts to see if they have perks like this.
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