LadySkullshine began in 2011, when I volunteered my photography and promotional assistance to local bands and businesses. Now, I’m sharing small financial tips, some auctions, and whatever randomness escapes me.

Recent Posts

  • Coupon Mission: Update 1
    I recently posted that I’m on a mission to be a for-real couponer. I already save money literally everywhere else in our household budget, so it’s time to take on that ever growing grocery bill. Granted, I do buy a lot of items. My cart is always overflowing and I usually fill both refrigerators, freezers, pantry, cabinets, and then some. It just bothers me, knowing …
  • Mission to Extreme Couponing
    I’ve been flip flopping with coupons over the years. I don’t mean using some coupons here and there to save a few bucks. I mean the legit couponing, where you pay virtually nothing. When I used them religiously, I did fairly well. But certain things have caused me to fall off the wagon. There was a time when I clipped every coupon. I got the …
  • New Review Site Added: Pets Rebate
    I literally just posted an update yesterday regarding cash back for testing items. I completely forgot to add another site that I have been working with recently. It’s called Pets Rebate. Just like the name indicates, you can receive all sorts of pet items with up to 100% cash back. So far, I got puppy socks and some stuffed toys. *** NEWLY ADDED *** Pets …
  • Cash Back For Testing Items: Update
    I just added some additional information to the Financial Tips page regarding receiving cash back for testing items. I had explained the process and provided my referral information, but I feel the need to explain a few things further. Before you chastise me for partaking in these transactions, let me explain my take on this. Basically, you are helping merchants to build their ratings as …
  • eBay Coins Update #5
    The following coins are currently for sale on eBay. All auctions include a FREE extra coin and FREE shipping. (Value of extra coin varies.) Lot Of 1958 D Lincoln Wheat Cents Fine to XFineKey Date https://www.ebay.com/itm/283922610937 2005 D Lincoln Memorial Penny Doubled Die https://www.ebay.com/itm/283922616659 Lot of 1951 Lincoln Wheat Cents Fine to XFineNice Tones https://www.ebay.com/itm/283923641370 1975 P Lincoln Memorial Red Cent DDODDR’s https://www.ebay.com/itm/283923807508 1955 D …
  • Always Rearranging
    I am always rearranging everything. Physical things around me, my site, social accounts, spreadsheets, and so on. (Even my life has changed so many times, but that’s a post for another day.) It doesn’t help that my ADHD and OCD constantly battle each other. Then add my memory loss, among other things. It’s out of control. I rearrange drawers, cabinets, paperwork, nick nacks, and anything …
  • My Day: Car & Sprinker Dilemmas
    We started off our day excited to get out for a bit, wash the new car, pick up some groceries, and whatnot. Then come home and run the sprinkler for my Scarlet and our puppy Bastian. Then reality set in. Long story short, I recently sold my VW Convertible and purchased a Subaru wagon. We haven’t driven it much yet. Today we ventured out on …
  • Updating The Past
    While updating my current content, I also like to make sure that my past is also properly reflected. If you’ve worked with LadySkullshine Entertainment, and you are not listed on my About Me page, please forgive my oversight or memory lapse. Let me know so I can correct it. If you send me your link, I will add that as well. When I revamped things …
  • eBay Coins Update #4
    As I gave this a title, I realized that I’ve made a few posts already regarding updates on my coin auctions. So in an effort to stay consistent, I will start numbering them. If anyone is interested, I have eight coin auctions currently active on eBay. I listed them below, along with each item’s link to eBay. We actually have a whole lot more available, …
  • Paribus
    Paribus helps you save money while shopping, and even afterwards. It’s affiliated with Wikibuy, which is part of Capital One. If you download the Wikibuy extension, it will check for coupon codes and the best price when you’re shopping online at certain stores. I’ve used it a few times to find the best deal. Paribus also keeps track of your deliveries. When something arrives later …

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