Site Map

More pages and a lot more information coming shortly.

  • HOME
  • FINANCIAL TALK: Basic Tips
  • SAVINGS TIPS: Save money before, during, and after a transaction. Also ways to save on regular bills too.
    • Sales
    • Coupons
    • App/Sites
    • Payment Cards
    • Scanning Receipts
    • Other Savings
  • EXTRA MONEY: Ways to help supplement income. From passive to involved, a few cents to a side income. It all adds up and can be very helpful.
    • GPT Play Games
    • Passive Apps
    • Surveys
    • GPT Do Tasks
    • Miscellaneous Extras
  • GPT TEST ITEMS: Explanation, process, pros and cons of getting paid to test items.
    • Review Sites
    • No Review Sites
  • COINS: Available for sale.
  • PHOTOS: Random pics I wanted to share.
  • RANDOM POSTS: Anything else I want to share with the world.
  • FEEDBACK: I love to hear from everyone. Please and Thank You!
  • ABOUT ME: A few personal tidbits, including some bands and businesses I used to work with.
  • FAQ‘s: Info about this site and the author.
  • TESTIMONIALS: Nice words left for me by others, taken from LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • CONTACT: Form provided. Social media links included too.

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