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Hopefully this will help you find your way whenever you are lost or would like a new page to visit. I update content quite often actually, and I’m always trying to organize things better. Let me know if you have any feedback via the form. Thank you!


I’m always adding and reorganizing content. Please bookmark the Home page, since that link never ever changes.

Smile, Sparkle, Save!

This section is all about ways to save some money, earn a few extra bucks, and more to help you to Smile, Sparkle, Save!

Financial Basics
Money Saving Tips
Savings Page
Earn Extra Money
LadySkullshine Entertainment

LadySkullshine Entertainment originally started in 2010 with the intention to help promote local metal bands in my area. It has grown and expanded quite a bit since then.

Metaphysical Corner

My little Metaphysical Corner.


Some pictures of my Furbabies.


All about LadySkullshine Entertainment, me, and some more.

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