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Hopefully this will help you find your way whenever you are lost or would like a new page to visit. I update content quite often actually. If you like or hate something, let me know via the feedback form listed below. I’ll be more mindful when posting and making changes going forward. Thank you!

Table Of Contents:

      • Credit Scores
      • Monitor /Decrease Bills
      • Subscriptions
      • Receipts
      • Coupons
      • Assistance
    • SAVINGS TIPS: Save money before, during, and after a transaction. Save on regular bills too.
      • Introduction
      • Maximize Savings
        • Coupons
        • Apps/Sites
        • Payment Cards
      • Other Savings
    • SCAN RECEIPTS: Get cash back from everyday receipts, including Amazon.
    • EXTRA MONEY: Ways to help supplement income. It all adds up.
      • Introduction
        • General Tips
      • Earn Gift Cards
        • Play Games
        • Passive Apps
        • Surveys
        • Tasks
      • Miscellaneous Extras
    • FREEBIES: Process, pros, and cons of getting free items. In most cases, taxes and PayPal fees must be paid. But, that’s honestly not a lot of money in the scope of what you can save.

I’m still working on adding more pages here in the Photos section.

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