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This is basically a mix of my own personal profiles, along with music and business promotion, and also snagging deals information.

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Smile, Sparkle, Save!
A division of LadySkullshine Entertainiment

This is where I share all sorts of ways to save money, earn gift cards, reduce bills, and more.

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Happy Notes To The Universe
Slightly inactive side blog

I’m a huge advocate of the Law Of Attraction. I should write here more often, but just can never find the time.

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Malakai The Rat King
Pet IG account

This is literally our pet rat’s IG account. I tried to stop him but he persisted. Now he posts all about how we once thought he was a Suzy and now he’s a Malakai who ended up with 34 babies with Nora and Dollie. Oh, the saga continues…


Thanks For Your Support!

Some have recently inquired if I have some sort of support page so they could donate. I don’t, and I feel weird about that stuff. If anything, please do be sure to use my referral links that I have posted on a few pages. This actually helps me a lot. It also helps if you share my site, follow my pages, and join my groups. If anyone is still interested in supporting this site, please contact me. If you’d like to just give some feedback, that’s appreciated as well.

This site is updated often. Please be sure to bookmark the Home Page so you’re able to find your way back to visit again.

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