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The following are apps that will pay you to play games. I’ve made over $200 so far by doing this. Some apps also have other things besides games. The ones listed here primarily for gaming. These apps have to track your gaming activity, so you’ll need to adjust your security settings.

  • Just Play

Just Play accumulates points while you play games. Those points then convert to dollars at cash out time, which is every four hours. There is no minimum payout, and can be done through PayPal or an Amazon gift card. I cashed out $5 so far since I just started playing it.

  • Mistplay

I have tried a few of these gaming apps, but Mistplay has been the best so far. I have made $190 in Amazon gift cards. You literally just play games, while accumulating points. There’s also additional bonuses for daily login, and the occasional boosted games.

  • Playspot

Playspot is another gaming app that I just started, so I haven’t been paid out yet. You need 20,000 points, and I’m at just over 7,000 points. It seems to take a while to accumulate points. I’ll post an update after I use it longer.

Games And More

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