LadySkullshine Era

For a few years there, I was known as LadySkullshine in our small local metal music scene. This is where the name originated. I would be the crazy girl in the mosh pit with the camera. Trying my best to capture all those awesome live moments, on and off the stage. This eventually expanded into other music genres and businesses as well.

When I first started my venture, I took a lot of pictures for bands and did a ton of promoting. I started to do photoshoots with models. I helped out anywhere I could, including filling in as shot girl. Somewhere in there I was managing a metal band, did some modelling, went on tour, and starred in a movie. This all happened quickly and in a short amount of time. While it lasted, it was fun, educational, interesting, emotional, and very time consuming. I didn’t have the extra time anymore to continue this.

Unfortunately, a lot of my photos have been lost. I still have decent amount, but it really doesn’t show the all of what I have done. I’ve had the same handful on my site for over ten years. I’ve rotated them, removed them, and added back on. I decided to update things to make room for these old pics. I will be adding more periodically, as I’m able to get them uploaded.

All photos taken by LadySkullshine, unless otherwise stated. Click albums below to see additional photos. Thanks for viewing!

Explicit Warning:
The photos shown here may possibly be offensive to some.


Miscellaneous pics of me.

Live Shows


BizR Ent

Photos taken for BizR Entertainment.

Damsels of Darkness Tour

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