Savings Page

I look for every possible savings on every day bills, shopping, and random things. Below is a mix of sites that you can save a few bucks on. I’m currently building this page and may be moving some more things around. It’s always best to bookmark the home page, since I often update which causes links to change.

  • Amazon
    • Amazon Prime
    • Amazon Treasure Truck
    • Amazon Woot!
    • Coupon /Promotional Codes
    • Paribus
    • Rebates
  • Auto Insurance
    • Metromile
  • Printer Ink
    • HP Instant Ink
  • Site Building
    • WordPress


  • Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers fast and free shipping. There are other perks included like music, photo storage, and their video service. You can even add family and friends to your account so you can share these benefits.

If you’re concerned about spending the extra $12.99 a month, you may be able to get it at a reduced rate. If you are a student, see if you qualify to pay $6.49. It’s only $5.99 a month if you are an EBT/Medicaid recipient. If you want to skip paying for Prime, keep your purchases over $25 each and you will get free shipping. That’s not always easy to do though when you are snagging deals or doing rebates.

  • Amazon Treasure Truck:

Amazon has a program called Treasure Truck. When you sign up, they will send you a daily text offering a new item at a discounted rate. You can click the link to see if it’s still available, then order it. It is then shipped according to if you have Prime or not.

For more information, see my recent blog post.

  • Woot!

Amazon has a daily deals site called Woot! They have a few items that are discounted until they run out.

  • Coupon/ Promotional Codes

These can be found on a few sites, and are also shared by Amazon Associates. I will be expanding on this more shortly.

  • Paribus

Link up Paribus (by Capital One) to your Amazon profile. It will scan for late deliveries, notify you, then help you to get your cash back. You can even do this if you have Prime. More info on the Money Saving Tips page, under Cash Back.

  • Rebates

There are several sites that offer items for free after rebate. You can get items from Amazon without having to leave a review. More information can be found on the Rebating Intro page. I have a list of sites on the Rebate Sites page.

Auto Insurance

  • Metromile:

I rarely drive, so Metromile makes perfect sense for me. I pay around $35 a month, with bare minimum coverage on two vehicles. They charge a base rate for each vehicle, plus the miles driven. When needed, they respond quickly and are very helpful.

Get a free quote from Metromile with my Referral Link. They will reward me with a gift card. Thanks!

Printer Ink

  • HP Instant Ink:

I have been using a service called HP Instant Ink for several years now. I have a wireless HP Envy 4500. They monitor my ink levels and send me cartridges whenever I run low. They have a few different plans depending on how many pages you print, and can change plans as needed. Right now, I have the FREE one, which allows up to 15 pages a month. I get charged $1 for each additional 10 pages. So, when I go over my allotment, I still stay below the next plan’s price. I also still get ink cartridges sent to me whenever they notice I’m running low.

Try HP Instant Ink with my Referral Link. This will help me build credits towards when I do need to pay a balance. Thanks!

Site Building

  • WordPress:

This site is powered by WordPress since 2011. It’s just a few bucks for my site. I’ve spoken to them through chat and they have been helpful.

Try WordPress with my Referral Link.

For more financial information, seeSmile, Sparkle, Save!Financial Basics, Money Saving Tips, Scan Receipts, Rebating, Savings Page, Extra Money Tips. Everything else can be found on the Site Map.

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