DoD Tour

The Damsels Of Darkness:
All Female-Fronted Heavy Metal/Rock/Punk Tour

Born Of Chaos Records, Aleigha Evans started the Damsels Of Darkness Tour in 2012. She also got the Lead Farmer Girls heavily involved. It turned out very successful. DOD13 and DOD14 then followed. DOD events sponsored by Matt Detmer’s Top Notch Artistry, Born Of Chaos Records, The Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide, and LadySkullshine Entertainment.

All pictures taken by LadySkullshine Photograhpy for Born Of Chaos Record’s Damsels of Darkness Tour.

More pics will be added as I go through my collection.

Mini Shoot Within A Shoot

During the DoD Tour Photoshoot, I got a few pics of my own.

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