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I may possibly be addicted to Amazon. I definitely do a ton of shopping on there and I realize that I talk about it often throughout my site. So, I just figured I would make this page for all things Amazon. I actually have more to add here, so please check back.

  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Discounts
    • Amazon Coupons
    • Amazon Affiliate Promo Codes
    • Amazon Treasure Truck
    • Amazon Woot!
  • Cash Back
    • Late Delivery Credit
    • Cash Back Cards
    • Scan Receipts
    • Rebates
  • Gift Cards
    • Reload Bonus
    • Discounted
    • Earn FREE Gift Cards
  • Get Paid By Amazon
    • mTurk
  • Charity
    • Amazon Smile!

Amazon Prime

A Prime subscription offers fast and free shipping. It also includes other perks as well like music, photo storage, and their video service. You can also add members of your household to your account to share some of these benefits.

If you’re concerned about spending $12.99 a month ($155.88/yr) for Prime, you may be able to get it at a reduced rate. A student may qualify to pay only $6.49 a month ($77.88/yr). You may be able to get it for only $5.99 a month ($71.88/yr) if you are an EBT/Medicaid recipient.

If you want to skip paying for Prime, keep your purchases over $25 each and you will get free shipping. This may be difficult to do though if you’re ordering rebates items and using promotional codes.

Amazon Discounts

  • Amazon Coupons

Amazon offers coupons on a lot of items, but you have to make sure to clip them before placing the item in your cart. Otherwise, you may lose the opportunity. The coupons can be found right under the price if there is one available. They can also be used along with discount codes.

  • Amazon Affiliate Promotional Codes

These are codes that are entered at checkout and can discount up to 100% off. There are several Amazon Affiliates that share these codes in Facebook groups, on Telegram, etc. There are thousands of other people also viewing the codes so you have to be really quick when checking out.

  • Amazon Treasure Truck

Amazon has a program called Treasure Truck. When you sign up, they will send you a daily text offering a new item at a discounted rate. You can click the link to see if it’s still available, then order it. It is then shipped according to if you have Prime or not.

For more information, see my recent blog post.

  • Amazon Woot!

Amazon has a daily deals site called Woot! They have a few items that are discounted until they run out.

Cash Back

  • Late Delivery Credit

If you have a late delivery, you may be able to get a credit. Not every package is eligible. I have found the best way to tell is to have Paribus linked to your Amazon profile. It will scan your deliveries, notify you, and then help to get a credit. You can even do this if you have Prime.

The credit does not go on your Amazon gift card balance. It will show up in your cart when you place a future eligible order. You’ll see it in the payment section with a checkbox for you to choose to use it or not.

  • Cash Back Cards

Always try to use any payment cards that will give you cash back.

  • Scan Receipts

You can get cash back from your e-receipts from a few different apps. Just connect your account and click scan every so often to obtain your points towards cash back. See Scan Receipts for more information.

  • Rebates

There are several sites that offer Amazon items for free, after rebate, without leaving reviews. More information can be found on the Rebating Intro page. I have a list of sites on the Rebate Sites page.

Amazon Gift Cards

  • Reload Gift Card Bonus

Sometimes Amazon runs specials that will give you money back for reloading your gift card with a specified amount. For example, you may get $10 for loading $100.

  • Buy Discounted Gift Cards

There’s a few sites you can get discounted Amazon gift cards. I will be adding more information about these soon.

  • Earn FREE Gift Cards

There are TONS of ways to get free gift cards on now a days. A few are listed on the Extra Money page.

Get Paid By Amazon

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk):

mTurk consists of mostly microtasks that you do for Amazon. This may include surveys, extracting receipt information, provide search results, pulling data from a site, rate pics, and so on.

When you first start, you only qualify for certain tasks that pay lower amounts. This will increase over time. I’ve seen some pretty decent income reports from people doing this.


  • Amazon Smile!

Shop at and they’ll donate a percentage of your eligible purchases to your favorite charity. There is no extra cost and there are several charities to choose from.

Smile, Sparkle, Save!

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