Online Banking And More

The following are financial companies that I’ve worked with, along with my referral links. I’m currently building this page. More coming soon.

If you sell a few items or have a side gig where you take payments using PayPal or other PSE, you may need to file a 1099. You can get more info from the IRS site or check with your tax accountant.

Credit Cards
  • Capital One

I’ve used Capital One for several years now. They have a few different cards available. They also offer cash back.

Digital Wallet
  • Venmo
Online Banking
Send And Receive Money
  • CashApp

Cash App can be used to send and receive money for free. They also let you invest in stocks or Bitcoin. It is geared towards the app, but you can still access some features on the site. A physical “Cash Card” is also available. If you sign up with my link/code MWQKVXX, and then send at least $5 to someone within 14 days, Cash App will pay you a $5 bonus.

This site is updated often, Please be sure to bookmark the Home Page to ensure you are able to come back to visit again.

Disclosure: When you use my referral links, we both may receive a bonus. This is greatly appreciated. It also helps me to be able to find and share more great deals, savings tips, and ways to make a few extra bucks. Thank you!

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