Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are digital codes used to save money. They are usually entered online at checkout. You can also use them at physical stores. You’ll just need to provide the code or let them scan your phone.

I have listed below some of the third party companies that I’ve worked with to get promotional codes to save money. These particular codes are entered at checkout. There are also several Amazon Affiliates that share them in Facebook groups, on Telegram, etc. Usually those are quick deals that are shared with at least thousands of others, so you have to be really fast.

I’ll be adding more here shortly. Please check back.

Amazon Coupon Codes

Amazon coupon codes are really easy to use. You just enter them at the checkout screen and click apply. If it works, you’ll see an adjusted price. Coupon codes can be obtained from sites like the ones I have listed below. More info can be found on the All Things Amazon page.

  • Amazon Associates

You can find several Amazon Associates in Facebook groups.

  • Snagshout

    Snagshout has coupon codes for up to 100% off. They have different types of offers available, so you have to pay attention to what you are agreeing to on each item.

    • Vipon

      I have ordered several items from Vipon. When you click on the item, it copies the code and then sends you to the product page for you to purchase the item. Add it to your cart, and paste the code at checkout to apply it. Keep an eye out to make sure the price matches what they stated on Vipon. Also pay attention to any added shipping charges.

      When you are first viewing an item on Vipon, you will may see comments below it stating if someone got the deal or not, and any feedback they may have. You can also leave a comment as well. They give points for actions like this.

      • Zon Deals

        I only ordered from Zon Deals a few times. They don’t seem to have a lot of things on, but I’m also not sure when they reset their items. I did get a 20 gallon air tight food container that we use for our cat’s dry food.

        My Deals Album

        Over the past few years, I have done a ton of shopping with rebates, promotional codes, and other deal hunting. I’m obsessed with finding all the best prices and passing along the savings to others. Click album to see a few of the items I’ve been able to snag. This album hasn’t been updated in a long while. A lot more has been purchased since.

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