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Skip is the owner of BizR Entertainment. He’s also an awesome friend of mine. He’s like a brother. I’ve known him for over ten years. He worked his ass off for several years, and still continues to provide the world with all sorts of things in the heavy metal and horror genre. If it exists, he knows all about it.

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*Please be aware that some of the following may be of mature content.

Camp Hideaway Massacre

I was so very excited when Skip asked me to be in his horror movie Camp Hideaway Massacre. I had no idea who I was playing or what I was doing, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even ask. I brought my oldest daughter Haley with me to the set. Someone never showed, some changes were made, and then I’m a major character. I was severely nervous and my anxiety was through the roof, but it all worked out pretty well and was a lot of fun. I finally watched the movie about a year ago and bought a copy a few months ago. You can actually find us on IMDB, which is pretty awesome.

BizR Babes

The following pics are of the BizR Babes, taken by LadySkullshine Photography for BizR Entertainment. ***Mature Content***

I did several photo shoots with Skip. A lot of times we would set up in the back of Jimmy’s Place in Allentown, PA. Sometimes we would go on a field trip to another location.

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