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LadySkullshine Entertainment, as well as the Photography division, was started with the intention of helping out my area’s local metal music scene. I’ve taken all sorts of pictures and did lots of promoting.

A lot of my photos have been lost. I still have decent amount, but it really doesn’t show the all of what I have done. I will be adding more periodically.

All photos taken by LadySkullshine, unless otherwise stated. Click albums below to see additional photos. Thanks for viewing!

Explicit Warning:
The photos shown here may possibly be offensive to some.

Live Shows


BizR Entertainment

Damsels Of Darkness Tour

Local Music Entertainment in PA & Surrounding Areas:

I’ve taken pictures of the following bands and businesses. There were a few photoshoots, but most of them were taken at a live show. Some of the following are no longer active.

Metal Music
Apocryfiend – Black Fate – Behind The Grey – BlyndSyde – Burial Mound – Chinga – Cover Her Face – Crushpile – Curse of Sorrow – Decaysia – Deprived – Hell Freeze – I Am The Trireme – Indefinite Dyad – Infernal Opera – Kinslayer – Krosis — Mindmaze — March To Victory — Mistress — No Remorse For The Fallen — Ominous – Our Ashes Remain – OVLO – Pool of Thorns – Power Theory – ReKindle – Remember These Lies – Sandraudiga — Save The Zombies – Skalped — Skinsect — Sorrowseed – Stingy Jack — SuperTruck — The Dawn of Apolyon — Throdl – Unit Ready

Other Mixed Local Genre
Bright Fame – Devon Davies – Ebeneezer – Flight Case Syndrome – G-Child (VH1’s White Rapper) – Kamikaze Kupcakes – Kevin Haterman – Local Demise – Observe the 93rd -The Chosen Ones 

National Bands I was lucky to meet & take pics of the following.
JennCity (Played DOD Tour) – Joey Belladonna – Machinage – Suffocation

Local Businesses / Entertainment
BizR Ent/ BizR Ent Radio/BizR Babes – Born Of Chaos Records – Cypher Lx – Dragon Scratch Emporium – Metal Local (helped in fb group) -Prolifick Radio – The Sayjin Taylor Show – Threadz Clothing

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