Apocryfiend was a local metal band from the Lehigh Valley, in Pennsylvania.

I was introduced to Apocryfiend back in 2010 or 2011. At some point early on, they asked me to manage the band. I was new to the whole metal music scene, but I had management experience, so I jumped in head first. That’s when I needed to come up with a name for me. A few friends and I did some brainstorming and came up with LadySkullshine.

While, I managed Apocryfiend, I mostly did a lot of photography and promotion for them. I really got a ton of hands on experience working with them along with so many other bands. Eventually, they split up. I continued to do my thing for a while until some things in my life shifted, making it difficult to continue.

The following are a few of my favorites. More will be added as I go through old albums. Some are posted on my Facebook page – LadySkullshine Photography.


DoD Tour, Jimmy’s Place, 2012

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