I love pictures! I will take pics of anything and everything, for any reason whatsoever.

What I really love about pictures is that it freezes moments forever. They say they are worth a thousand words, and that is so true. That and there’s the flood of emotions that also comes with them. Photos are especially great because I have a very bad memory. They help me to recall those special moments so they are never lost. I love looking back at them. I also like to see the different stages of my life through my photos. I especially love looking back at my babies.

I’ve always loved to take pictures. I think that was originally influenced by my grandmother. She took her Kodak camera everywhere. She would then get doubles and triples developed. Yeah, we had to use an actual camera with film. Then we hoped they came out nice, if at all. There’s been times when I got all bad photos. They were over or under exposed, or blurry. When I was in my early 20’s, I finally had a cell phone and started to take a bit more.

Eventually I got a fancy DSL camera and I did some photography for a few years. I never really got into Photoshop so the majority of my pics have very little, if any edits. It was slightly overwhelming for me to work with. I know I would have done a lot more if I did edit. I also know that I would get too involved in the edits trying to decide what looked best, then ditching it hours later. I just enjoyed helping others out so that’s what I focused on.

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All photos taken by LadySkullshine, unless stated otherwise. Click the albums below to see additional photos. Thanks for viewing!


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My daughter uses art as a coping skill. She mostly paints, but also does all sorts of arts and crafts.

LadySkullshine Photography

Photos taken by LadySkullshine. Photoshoots and live shows.

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