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LadySkullshine Archives: Out Of Control

While doing my random cleanup of my website, I noticed I actually have a lot of information in the LadySkullshine Entertainment archives section as well a lot of archived pics. I haven’t looked at it in so very long. I cleaned it up some, but I’m not finished. I do everything in stages. My ADHD and OCD are always trying to compete. So anything that I get done is an accomplishment really.

Anyways, I plan to downsize that portion of my site a bit. I don’t think anyone will mind or miss it really. I feel like it’s there more for my own memorabilia, honestly. It was such a long time ago and I lost touch with 98% of that part of my life.

I need to make room for so many new things to come. I never know what that will be. My path and interests change often.

I appreciate everyone who has followed me along the way.


The Law Of Attraction

According to The Law Of Attraction.com:

“Simply put, the Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on. It is believed that regardless of age, nationality or religious belief, we are all susceptible to the laws which govern the Universe, including the Law of Attraction. It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality. In basic terms, all thoughts turn into things eventually.”

The basic premise is: Whatever you send out into the universe is what you will get back.

Think happy thoughts and good things will come. If you are plagued with negative thoughts, more doom will come to you. It’s as basic as that, but also somewhat complicated.

A lot of times things happen and we immediately say “Oh, what a coincidence!” and then laugh about it. That’s the law of attraction. Think about a song and see how long until you hear it randomly. Or try thinking about a person and they may cross your path or call you out of nowhere. There’s so many things we can create in our lives just by focusing our thoughts. Thoughts really are things.

You have to also believe. It’s part of the three step process: Ask, Believe, Receive.

It’s like the Genie in the Bottle concept. Think about what you would like more of in your life and Ask for that. Then Believe you deserve it and imagine that it is yours already. Have faith that whatever force it may be, it will bring you what you want. This could be the Genie if you like, or God, or the universe, or whatever it is that you have belief in. Then, pay attention and you will notice that you will Receive what you have focused on. If you are thinking about bills, more bills will come. So watch what your thoughts. This may take practice and tweaking until you get more used to the idea.

I have personally found that the law of attraction is a reality.

I know it all seems ridiculous. I hear it all the time. Which is why I rarely discuss it. It’s usually considered a big joke to mostly everyone I encounter. So, I keep it to myself. I don’t let anyone else’s negativity affect my world. I know first hand that it works. I’ve witnessed it naturally, as well as after testing the concept.

Of course, I’m no expert. But I have read, listened to, and watched any and all of the books that I could find regarding this. One of which, is called The Secret. It is probably the most well known books/movies on the subject. I actually have multiple copies of it. One to mark up, one to keep nice, and one to lend out if needed. It’s not rocket science, but it’s definitely a mind game to get through and to remain consistent. My mind is usually racing non stop in a hundred different directions. It can be difficult to weed out the thoughts that are hindering. I definitely know the struggle.

Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, it’s still a universal law that is happening all around you.

Besides, why not just try be more positive anyway? It feels better and makes others happy too. It only makes sense that more positive things should come. If they don’t, do be discouraged. There’s always a sparkle of silver, even in the worst situations. Stay positive and don’t let anything pull you down. At some point, you’ll find yourself on a better path to more positive things coming your way.

What experiences have you had with the Law Of Attraction?


Another one of my nicknames is “Sparkles”. I love sparkles! Plus, I am generally a very happy, unicorns and rainbows kind of person. I do my best to stay positive no matter what.

Oh, I definitely have my moments of quite the opposite. Also, I recently went through quite a bit of devastation. So I did lose my sparkle for a bit. But overall, one of my mottos really is Smile, Sparkle, Shine!

I recall when I used to work in the office and at the lab, I was always the annoying happy girl with ADHD. I would be at work as early as 6 AM, chugging massive amounts of caffeine. I used to get a large iced latte with three extra turbo shots every single morning before work. That’s when I was called “Turbo Sparkles”. I stayed happy and bouncy all day. The more annoyed my coworkers were, the more I wanted to share my happiness. This was not quite appreciated by everyone.

I never thought it was a bad thing, so I never understood why I always caught so much flack for it. Everyone is always so busy being gretzy about everything and bringing everyone else down with them. I’d rather be the weird happy girl that people think is oblivious. I’m really not, I just refuse to get sucked into all that negativity. It’s really not worth it.

Smile! Sparkle! Shine!

Alexa. Was I Just Paranoid?

I broke down and joined the bandwagon.
I purchased two Echo Dots the other day.

When they first came out, I was very much against anything of the sort. I was paranoid about them listening to everything we say. Not that it’s a major deal, we aren’t doing anything illegal or concerning. It’s just uncomfortable. Not to mention, a few other disturbing things I heard about them.

At that time, I dismissed them altogether.
I really just never thought I would ever have one. Until now.

My fiance thought it would be a good idea to have them for a few reasons. The one feature that I do like the most so far, is that we can use it as an intercom. I can talk to him quickly and easily when he is in the basement. Or if he needs something, he doesn’t have to take the stairs unnecessarily. He has multiple sclerosis, so it can sometimes pose a difficult task. That alone, makes it worth it. And of course, I found the best deal that I could.

Part of me is actually excited to try it out. I do love technology.
Also, I really think I’m over my paranoia.

Was it just me? Or do others have concerns with Alexa and other similar services?

Can Dinner Just Be Less Stressful?

I somehow went from very rarely cooking some extremely basic items, to cooking 2 meals a night for dinner. I never learned to cook. It was all hands on disasters. I tried to learn in my twenties, but was faced with more criticism than success. I pretty much didn’t care much after that. I got lucky over the years that I never had to cook a lot or other people did it. Until recently.

My fiance did the cooking for a bit. He taught me a few things here and there and helped me to build my kitchen confidence. I’m nowhere close to making big fancy meals, but at some point I’ve taken over our daily dinners. Except, I seem to be making a lot of double meals lately.

I can eat mostly anything. I’m not picky and I am fine with leftovers. However, my daughter and fiance each have their quirks when it comes to food. Either they don’t like the same foods, or they have to be prepared a particular way. Even a TV dinner has to be tweaked before I can serve it.

I’m grateful that I finally have the desire to cook now, but I just wish it was a little less stressful. I’m working on learning new recipes in hopes of finding more agreeable meals for everyone.

What kinds of quick and easy meals do you like to make?

Stop By And Say Hi

I spent some time today cleaning up my site a little bit. I added a few things and updated others. If you have a moment, check out the new Welcome Guests page and be one of the 1st to comment. I am looking forward to having this platform to interact more in the future. I will probably change the name of it at some point.

Stop by and say hello, leave some comments or feedback, or start a conversation.

Is It Just Me And My Anxiety?

Against my better judgement, I ventured out today. I had to. We were really low on groceries. I packed my sanitizer, got my mask on, and shoved my anxiety down as far as I could.

The amount of people that are still out and about is amazing to me. I just don’t understand it. Whether, I chose a bad time or not. There shouldn’t be this many people out! Not to mention, they are oblivious to social distancing rules and are rude.

There’s a good portion of people not wearing masks. I realize it’s a choice, but I feel more comfortable wearing one and seeing others wearing one.

I went to a drive through and asked why they weren’t a wearing mask. They replied that they aren’t sick, so there’s no point.
But what if they are? What if they picked it up from a customer and didn’t realize it, didn’t have any symptoms, and continued to spread it to others. That scares me.

The other night, we ordered take out. The delivery guy got entirely too close to me and touched me. He had no mask and no gloves. I didn’t want to be rude and tell him to back off, but I was getting close. What happened to contact-less delivery?

Am I being completely ridiculous?

Thank You

I wanted to send out a quick thank you to everyone.

I’ve noticed a recent increase in the amount of traffic on my site. It’s been a while. This is really exciting to me, especially while watching the transformation of how much things have changed.

I originally created this site voluntarily to help promote local bands and businesses. That was many years ago. I thought it would be a great platform to display their information, promotional ads, and photos. I also did a lot of photo shoots for them, handed out promotional materials, made merchandise in my home, and even managed a few bands as well. It was fun, interesting, educational, emotional, and sometimes aggravating. But overall, I’m grateful for the experiences.

Why did it all end?

Eventually, I started a new job and had to cut back on my volunteering. I had just started to actually make a few dollars and take on some more serious projects, however I had to rethink my life. I needed the income for my family and they needed my time with them. Nearly all things outside of that had stopped.

At that point, I should have closed my site. I’m a hoarder and I didn’t want to give it up. I liked having my own site to do whatever I wanted. I had no idea what that was for several years, so it laid dormant. Every so often, I would move a few things around or post a note that it was under construction, but that would be it. I think I tried a new direction once but that went nowhere.

Where to go from here?

Just recently, I decided to massive change the content. Of course, I kept some tidbits of the original LadySkullshine Entertainment site in the archives and the About Me page. I’ve shifted gears to helping others to save money and to make a few bucks. I also have a page displaying the coins that I have for sale on eBay. There is now a page dedicated to the awareness of certain conditions. This exists because they greatly affect my life in one way or another. I plan to add a lot more content when I have more time.

I often toss around the idea of posting things or not. I wonder if anyone cares what I have to say or share. Then I get the notifications that tell me that others are reading and liking my posts. That means a lot to me. It inspires me to continue sharing whatever the next adventure brings.

Again, I really want to say thank you and that I am so very grateful.

My Current Go-To Music List

I took a survey on Toluna today that I thought I would share. It asked “What’s your mixtape for a road trip?” I don’t take enough road trips to relate, but I do love music. It almost always seems to make me feel better, no matter where I am and what’s going on.

For me, my music list changes constantly. My musical interests are all over the place. But off the top of my head, I answered the question as follows:

1. Me And Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
2. Jump Around – House Of Pain
3. Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit
4. Halls Of Illusions – Insane Clown Posse
5. Faith – Limp Bizkit
6. Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
7. The Way Of The Fist – Five Finger Death Punch
8. What I Am – Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians
9. Solitaire / Unraveling – Mushroomhead
10. Sugar Magnolia – Grateful Dead

What is your go-to music list?

Small Financial Tips – It All Adds Up

Since everyone has been home looking for things to do, I figured it was a great time to share some of my savings tips and where you can make a few extra bucks. I’ve done the hard part. You can find the apps that I’ve been using on the Financial Tips page.

Scanning Receipts:

One way that I save money is by scanning all of my receipts, which then turns into points and cash. I am currently using five apps that have successfully paid me. I’m also using a 6th app on good faith. I’ve made approximately $105 to date, using this method. Since I’m saving my receipts anyway, I enter all the information into my spreadsheet for budgeting. It’s another one of my projects in progress, but at least all the data is there. It’s been interesting to see it along the way.

Cash Back via Apps/Sites:

Another great way to save some money, is to use the apps and sites that give you cash back. The percentage and time frame varies, but I’ve had success with one company in particular. So far, I’ve received $27.36 back using two apps. Also, check with your credit card companies. They will often give cash back as well. My bank gives a percentage off at certain retailers, while my credit card gives me back a percentage of my spending. I’ve received a decent amount back from this as well.

Playing Games:

My favorite so far, has been playing games. Previously, I was very anti-playing games. Now that I’ve been making money from it, I’ve changed my mind. As long as I can multitask and remind myself that I’m making money, then I can justify it. I’ve actually made $86 just playing mindless games.

Surveys and More:

I haven’t added them to my site yet, but there’s also several other ways to make some money. There’s surveys, which I’m always on the fence with. I don’t mind them and they definitely pay off, but they can be time consuming. There’s also apps that pay you to watch videos, click emails, and have so many other opportunities.

If you’re interested in making a few bucks, then click on my referral links. They are found on the Financial Tips page.

What apps / sites are you successfully using to increase your income?

Keeping Busy, Sane, And Safe

I’m trying my best to stay busy during this time of quarantine. Of course there’s always something to do. I’m never ever bored. Not sure how anyone could be with so much to do all the time. I am constantly racing against time to do as much as possible. I usually fail, but I keep trying. Those small wins, really do matter. Baby steps, right?

I can say that lots of cleaning has been done. Repeatedly. Except the dishes. I just can’t stand to do them. Once I start, I’m ok. I know that’s a major thing and usually no one else will do it, but getting there is difficult. I actually just found a used portable dish washing machine for sale online today. That may be a happy new addition in our tiny home. It might be a tight fit, since I also want a hot/cold water cooler. I know, they are so 80’s. My fiance tells me constantly how lame they are. I had one for years up until recently and I regret not taking it with me. I absolutely loved it. Except for the part where I had to obtain the bottles. That part sucked. I guess we shall see.

I’ve also been doing all sorts of organizing, updating, filing, and so forth. I’ve fallen so far behind with this, that I have a few piles started here and there. Usually I do this during the mercury retrograde, but I wasn’t properly prepared for this last one. I’m a major dork. Give me a pack of sticky notes and I’m happy. Everything must be labelled, things need to be in bins, and paperwork must be in chronological and priority order. I have OCD and ADHD, so I often get distracted while being super focused on a particular project for a while. Hence, the multiple piles started here and there. But I get through them all, eventually.

Since I’m always working on anything that provides an extra few bucks for my family, I figured I’d take this time to follow up on the sites and apps I’ve been working with. Some were a bit more time consuming so I’ve been delaying them till now. I’ve been narrowing down a few more survey sites and places to get free Amazon items. I’ve also cashed in on a few Amazon cards from playing games and scanning receipts. My eBay has also been updated with a few ongoing coin listings. I expanded to a few other selling sites.

I have ventured out as needed for medications and food, but I make those trips as little as possible during this time. My family won’t let me leave without a mask and gloves. It’s so strange when I’m out driving. Very little traffic or people in general. Fast food places only have their drive thru’s open. Places are now delivering that didn’t before. E-vists are becoming standard, as doctor offices don’t want you to spread anything further. We all have to be safe everyone. Even if you feel like you won’t get it, someone else you interact with might.

How are you staying busy, sane, and safe?

Just Another Retrograde Passing By

I knew it! I’ve been feeling so out of sorts and everything has been going wrong. I wondered, then dismissed it. I did my best to not assume what was happening, until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I googled it and sure enough, I was right. We just went through a retrograde.

Whether you believe in it or not, it’s happening all around us. Everyone makes fun of me whenever I mention it, so I keep it to myself mostly. I’ve even learned how to use it to my own advantage in some cases. But I do see the affects and it never fails to put a damper on things regardless of what preparations are made.

I usually pay much more attention. I make a new post it note every year with the MR dates listed. However, this year, I thought I would lay off and be normal. LMAO. That worked out just peachy for me. I just made my 2020 post it note and placed it under my clear desk mat for easy reference. I may not openly speak about it, but I will be much more aware the next time around.

I’m not sure which Farmer’s Almanac link below is more accurate. I haven’t looked into the exact dates. Besides there’s always residual affects beyond the last day. So take them as an approximate guideline of dates to pay attention to. These are times to do a lot of researching, listening, cleaning, & organizing. Be prepared to experience issues with electronics, travelling, and communication. Don’t make any major decisions or purchases.

Per Farmer’s Almanac.com:
* 2/16/20-3/9/20
* 6/18/20-7/12/20
* 10/13/20-11/13/20

Per Almanac.com:
* 2/17/20-3/10/20
* 6/18/20-7/12/20
* 10/14/20-11/3/20

Going On A Week With No Phone…

I got through almost one week without my phone. I thought it would bother me more but I managed. I guess having an old tablet laying around helped a bit. I’m able to keep up with at least some of my rewards apps. However, some things have been slightly irritating. For example, going to Dunkin without being able to scan my app. Not so fun at all. Of course, there is also the inconvenience of not having my banking apps. Ok, so the list does go on. But, I made it so far.

I would probably have a new one by now but I struggle with making decisions. I also hate spending so much money for anything. I need something compatible with my current phone service, but that I can also use elsewhere later. I’m not too picky, but the camera has to be pretty decent. I take a lot of pics and scan documents all the time. I also need to be able to run a lot of apps. I requested some recommendations on Facebook, but got nothing. I’m hoping Amazon can help me decide.

I’m pretty sure the grieving process of my phone went smoother since I have been so focused on finding a new used car and rearranging things around the house, among other things. Thankfully, I was able to step back from looking for a car. I just don’t know enough about that financial/mechanical end. I get my hopes up and then instant disappointment. I can’t take much more of that. My fiance knows what I like so I’m leaving it to him and his friend to work on that project. I’ll just keep rearranging things and continue down my never ending list of things to do. That will keep me busy for a while.

At least I’m not sitting in some electronics rehab center somewhere. Silver lining, right?

How long have you genuinely been without your phone, on purpose or due to an unexpected incident?

One Train Wreck After Another…

This past weekend was an ongoing series of horrible train wrecks one right after the other. It may not have been so bad overall, but one of my mental medications ran out on Thursday and I never called the doctor Friday to have it refilled. I was a bit preoccupied so it slipped my mind.

Friday was full of anxiety over the upcoming co-parenting session, the session itself, along with the residual emotional wreckage that it brings. I mostly worry about my youngest daughter. She has been through enough as it is, then added her multiple disabilities to the mix of things. I see what all this does to her and it’s really not right. I just want to actually accomplish something with the sessions, along with learning how to prevent our vicious cycles from happening again. Wishful thinking, stupid girl.

Saturday comes along and I’m thinking that I’m focused and can accomplish some shopping. The moment I ventured out, I felt nauseous. I figure some DD coffee and a snack will help, but I want to break my habits so I duck into the dollar store for a moment to grab a few things and make sure I’m up for the grocery trip. That confirms that I need to head to Dunkin, but the line is out to the street. McDonald’s is next but they tell me there are no ice bags when I ordered iced coffee so I thought they meant I couldn’t get coffee. Turns out, they got orders mixed up.

I texted my fiance saying I really hope all of this isn’t a indication to go back home. Despite my feeling, I went on to food shopping.

Partially through my grocery trip, I stop at the customer service desk to follow up on a previous visit when I overpaid for grapes. The sign said $4.99 each. I paid $5.99/lb. She said they always charge per pound. I had a pic as proof, but had to locate it. So I let someone go ahead of me. He carried on for some time arguing because a discount won’t apply to his app for use until the following day. I waited patiently and then slightly impatiently when it became monotonous for too long. I got closer and said out loud “Sir, you know I’m still waiting here.” I know it was rude, but I was nice enough to let him go ahead. It was time to move along. He did. I immediately showed the lady the pic. Another lady ran off to check the current sign. In the end, I had my receipt and the date stamped pic of their sign, so I received my $9 something back.

Continued on to the rest of my shopping, in a somewhat crowded store. I managed to get through it, then it was time to cash in all my coins at the very loud clunking machine. I do this every few trips since we always have a lot of coins left from the bank rolls when my fiance gets done with them. If you never used a CoinStar, when you first start the machine, it wants to know if you want a cash voucher or gift card. I usually take the Amazon gift card because it’s free and I’m a freak for saving money. I knew I spent a lot on this trip and I always hear about how silly I am about savings. I bit the bullet and took the cash. I spent more on fees than I got back on my grapes. I later declared that I will never ever do that again. Amazon cards always and forever.

Finally, I pay and begin to load up my truck. Most of it inside, some in the bed. I’m running the heat so it’s nice and cozy when I get in. I shut the door and realize instantly that I locked my keys in my now running truck. My purse and phone, and about $300 in groceries are also locked in there. The store had me call the non emergency police, then I called AAA. Apparently someone else called the police from their Onstar. They reported that someone needed ems for panic attacks in the parking lot. So the police finally do show up and got me in at least. AAA would have been another 40 mins of me freezing and sobbing about how stupid I am. By the way, I don’t think I was displaying major signs of distress, but thank you mysterious Onstar person.

Sunday I’m thinking is a new day and can only get better. I wake up to a dead phone that will not charge. It was pretty beat up to begin with, but now it was shot. I was mainly upset because I was chatting with my oldest daughter right before bed. The rest of my aggravation has been in trying to figure out how to access certain accounts and other items now lost. Not to mention, trying to find a new phone.

Meanwhile throughout all of this, my meds have my head screwed up. I get gretzy really easily and I’m lashing out. I’m doing and saying stupid impulsive things that I know I shouldn’t but have no filter or control. My fiance always gets the brunt of it. Once I come to my senses, I’m usually sobbing for hours because I’m so sorry and feel horrible about everything.

I get through it. I always do. Somehow. I am definitely fortunate to have my youngest daughter that keeps me going, and my fiance who keeps me centered and focused. He takes a lot of crap from me as well. I’m grateful knowing no matter what the universe throws at me, I can get through it.

The Rewards Are The Reason

Sometime soon, I plan to update the Financial Tips page. There’s several more sites to add that I’ve been using. I also realized that I added some that haven’t actually paid me yet. I tend to get side tracked and lose my train of thought. I really want to make a point to separate those that are legit, tried, and true.

That’s the whole point of sharing all this on my site. I’ve experienced not being paid, wasting too much time, contacting customer service multiple times, researching, and so forth. I have been doing the crappy part of the work and discovered what is right for me. Now, those that are interested can partake in the benefits part with me. All I ask is that my referral links and codes are used. Most of the time when you do this, both parties get some sort of extra rewards.

The rewards are absolutely the only reason I do any of this. I honestly never had any interest in playing games on my phone. Except for that time I was obsessed with Dragon Vale for a while, but that didn’t last long. I viewed anything unproductive as a complete waste of time and other things should be done instead. When I learned about being paid to play games, this finally intrigued me. I looked into several apps. One paid me, but then stopped accumulating points. I ran into all sorts of snags, but I have found one that has been pretty decent. It’s called Mistplay. So far, I made $40 and I’m just about to cash out another $25.

I am taking a break from testing out any extra apps at the moment. It’s time consuming and I want to check out a few other things. I definitely need to do more surveys. If you find the right ones, they actually can be profitable. They are a bit of a timed, focused commitment which I struggle with. I will add the ones I have been successful with at some point. My latest endeavor has been testing and receiving discounted and free Amazon items. There’s one site I’ve received several items from, but it’s not always successful. I am working on researching some other sites at the moment.

Are there any apps or sites that you are using to make or save a few extra bucks? Share what works for you and any referral codes you may have as well.

What Is Your Biggest Motivation?

Every day is a new adventure. Some days, I’m frozen not being able to leave my bed, much less my house. I feel like an empty shell, just staring into space, while occasionally drifting off. I think my brain just goes into overdrive from thinking about everything that has to be done for the day. While other days, I can jump right out and face the world, without even thinking about it.

I’m also a night owl mostly, which adds more havoc to the mix. As the day gets later, I’m a multi-tasking crazy girl just trying to get it all done. This eventually conflicts with my fiance’ and daughter’s sleep schedules, so I force myself to go to sleep before I really am ready to.

Either way, I absolutely hate all the wasted time. I need to get my head together a bit more, so I can work on that better. Otherwise, I’m just stuck in this never-ending viscous cycle.

I’m pretty sure my biggest motivation overall is my youngest daughter, Scarlet. If it weren’t for her, I probably would sleep most of the day away and do next to nothing. Everything I do, I do for her. She has several disabilities, yet no matter what she has been through, she is always full of laughter and love. My babies are my world, no matter what age they are. They know that I am always Mama Bear and do anything I can for them. My eldest Haley is 19 and doesn’t quite need me so much. She’s moved to another country. This makes me sad and proud all at once. I miss her dearly.

My fiance’ is also a motivation, but in a different way. He reminds me often about how many times my ways have failed lol. It can be frustrating sometimes, but he means well. I do get side-tracked entirely too easily. Literally, I will see a puppy and completely get off track. So, yea I see his frustration as well. A lot of times, I make my own race to accomplish a certain set of tasks to prove to him that I can do it. Which in turn helps keep me focused.

What is your biggest motivation?

Maybe I’ll Get It Done, One Day

I have never been on good terms with time.

I tend to take on entirely too much and expect too much of myself. I’m constantly multi-tasking, trying to do it all at once, and fail miserably. I am always getting side tracked easily and can’t accomplish anything completely. I procrastinate constantly. I panic and can’t think straight. I’m also extremely forgetful. Add my multiple mental issues that can take over quickly.

I think the worst part of it all, is how it affects others. I really only want to make everyone else happy, but it is often is seen differently. No matter how much I try to prove otherwise. None of it is intentional. Believe me, I’d change in a heartbeat if I could.

It’s an ongoing struggle. I take a lot of baby steps towards accomplishments and I do celebrate them. I’ve come a long way on some levels, while in other ways I feel that I’ve fallen backwards a few steps. Either way, I find the silver lining or lesson and then move again. Staying positive is sometimes all that’s left to pull me back out of the rabbit hole.

For instance, this current post that I am writing took me 3 days to complete. Between being side tracked, deciding whether to even share it, renaming it, and so on. The distractions are appreciated though. Like, yesterday I accomplished very little, but my daughter and I made pink pancakes and I took her to get her hair and nails done. She was so very excited and happy. That always makes it so worth it. Today was actually a much more productive day. I got to check off a ton of things from my to do list. And we even made chocolate dipped strawberries for the 1st time. They didn’t look pleasant since the chocolate didn’t melt how we expected, but they were delicious and didn’t last long at all.

I was also able to list a few more coins today. I know we would do better if they were graded, but we can’t afford to do that at the moment. They have been heavily researched though. If interested, check out my Coins page. I need to add my new listings. You can also follow my ebay to stay current.

There’s so many things to do yet and my head is spinning, but again I’m running out of time for the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be productive as well.

Thanks a bunch for visiting,


Happy Valentines’ Day

I really don’t have anything new today, other than I updated my post from yesterday since I forgot to add a link to my actual page and I’m still working out a few things to make this site look a little better.

I spent the day showering my youngest daughter with Valentines’ treats and fun. I got her all sorts of gifts, we made pancakes with hearts all over them, and watched a movie she’s been wanting to see for a while. My oldest is out of the house, but we exchanged our love via text. My fiance doesn’t buy into all the holiday consumer crap, he says. Although, he still ordered gifts for us that will arrive late. That’s his work around to say it’s not for the holiday lol.

Today really got away from me, but it was fun and I still plan to list some more ebay items. I have a lot of coins and some random books to add. I will add them here as well.

If anyone is reading this, let me know. I appreciate the feedback and also the knowledge that I’m not talking to myself (more than I already do).

Thank you!


Ready To Finally Begin This Next Journey

Now that I’ve spent a good portion of my day updating and rearranging my site, I can now write this and then accomplish a few things that I should have already done by now. I think I’m finally at a place where I can begin to actually blog more often and also add more content. I just needed to weed through all my old pages and posts first before I could even think about my new direction. There was still a lot of my old LadySkullshine promotional and photography portfolio. Cool to look back on, but I’m on another new journey once again. There have been so very many already, and I anticipate more since I’m constantly changing.

My next task will be to get my ebay items listed on here, along with more numismatic things, and a whole lot more about saving and making money. My fiance does extensive research in the numismatic realm. I usually just type what he says when it come to putting coins on ebay. I myself have recently spent ridiculous amounts of time on saving/making extra money. It is tedious at times, but it has definitely paid off.

That’s it for today. I must go check on my family and be productive before I am once again side tracked. Time is not at all my friend.

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