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My fiance Sully is the one who primarily handles things in the numismatic realm, I just try to help wherever possible. He started this a few years ago as a side interest. That quickly turned an ongoing hobby of coin collecting and selling. It’s been interesting learning all about coins. My daughter has even earned herself a few silver bars along with several valuable coins.

We actually now have a decent collection, and a large amount of coins available for sale. There’s entirely too many to list all of it here at the moment. He is nearly finished with sorting and whatnot. This will help us to have a more proper inventory list. I can tell you that there is mostly pennies, with just a few other coins, and maybe some bills here and there. At this particular point in time, none of our items have been graded.

Sully has taken the time to do extensive researching, collecting, evaluating, and weighing every coin that we have for sale. This helps ensure that we deliver the best information, pictures, and product for a reasonable price. Please be mindful of this when bidding or making offers. Our prices are very reasonable to begin with.

Check out our other auctions as well. We sometimes list random other items.

If you are looking for any coins in particular, please let me know via

Current Items For Sale On eBay:

Sully’s irishim-81:

I tend to list miscellaneous items mixed in with my coin listings.
We are PayPal Business Verified for quick and secure payments.

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Red & Redish Brown Pennies
* Raw * High Grade Possibilities *

Wheat Pennies [1909 – 1959]
* Grades From Fair To Red * Includes Various Errors *

Lincoln Memorial Pennies [1959 – Present]
* Grades From Fair To Red * Lots of Various Errors *

Errors Include, Not Limited To:
* Planchet * RPM * DDO / DDR * Broadstrike * O/C * Lamination * Die Clash *

Limited Amounts Of:
* Buffalo Nickels * V Nickels * Halves *

Additional Coin Posts:

eBay Changes

I recently made a post that I was changing around my eBay inventory. I haven’t done that in a long time. I usually just set each one to automatically relist at the end of the auction. It’s easiest for me since I lose track of time and don’t keep up with them as much as I should. I get notifications whenever I get an offer … Continue reading eBay Changes

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Ebay Coin Changes

This is just an eBay update for anyone interested in coins. I will be changing my eBay listings around within the next day or so. The miscellaneous items will remain, but most of the coins will be replaced. We have a large collection that we are looking to sell the bulk of, in pieces or in full. The majority of the coins are pennies, mainly … Continue reading Ebay Coin Changes

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Numismatic Updates

If anyone is interested, we have several coins available for sale. I finally had a moment today to update the Numismatic page and also added a Coins For Sale page. My fiance Sully started all of this as a bit of a hobby, that turned into something that he could leave behind some day for my youngest daughter and I. He has been doing this … Continue reading Numismatic Updates

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