My fiance Sully started collecting coins a few years ago as a side interest. That quickly turned into an ongoing hobby of collecting and selling. I try to help out any way I can. It’s been interesting learning all about them in the process. He has been losing interest, and really just wants to sell most of it.

We actually now have a decent sized collection put aside, along with the ton of coins that are available for sale. There’s entirely too many to list it all at the moment. I can tell you that there are mostly pennies, with limited amounts of other denominations. There’s a lot of error coins, a bunch of wheats, and some in really great condition. None of them have been graded.

Sully has taken the time to do extensive research and evaluation of every coin we have. We do our best to provide a valuable product, with valid detailed information and clear pictures, at a reasonable price. Please be mindful of this when bidding or making offers.

Current Items For Sale On eBay:

Honestly, we haven’t been listing very many auctions lately. If you are looking for anything in particular, please contact me.

We are PayPal Business Verified for quick and secure payments.

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General Coin Inventory:

  • Red & Redish Brown Pennies:
    • Raw – High Grade Possibilities
  • Wheat Pennies:
    • Grades From Fair To Red
    • Includes Various Errors
  • Lincoln Memorial Pennies:
    • Fair To Red – Lots of Various Errors
  • Errors Include:
    • Planchet, RPM, DDO, DDR, Broadstrike, O/C, Lamination, Die Clash
  • Limited Amounts Of:
    • Buffalo Nickels
    • V Nickels
    • Halves

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