Invisible? Anxiety Driven Rant

Sometimes I feel completely invisible. Not heard or seen. I’m not referring to anyone or thing in particular causing it. It’s just a sad feeling in general that comes over me at times. Then I battle through all the emotions that come with it.

Most times, my anxiety takes control and forces me to want to hide. While other times, I feel like I’m jumping up and down screaming look at me! look at me! (like Mr. Meseeks from Rick & Morty)

I hate it. It interferes with so many things. Like, how do I go from one moment of hiding from the world, then the very next moment I feel ignored and get upset. I just want to go one day with zero anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and all those wonderful mental battles. It would definitely help my other health issues as well. But no matter how much I work on my mindset and make it seem like I have it all under control on the outside, I’m a train wreck on the inside.


One thought on “Invisible? Anxiety Driven Rant”

  1. Those anxiety rants that go off inside my own brain. I can absolutely relate & appreciate the time & honestly in your sharing. Lots of individuals are going through the same thing or have been or will. It seems like we are all on a boat & days the waves are so calm you could rest all day. We see other days as the choppy waters & overcast. It’s all in the balance of the sailing. Staying above float & always sharing your raft. We are all in this together. Thank you for uplifting & sharing your honesty & pure human spirit.

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