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Get Cash Back For Late Deliveries

I get a lot of packages, mostly from Amazon with Prime shipping. So I rarely ever pay for shipping. So, I didn’t think this would apply to me. It actually does!

There’s a few companies out there that will keep track of your Amazon orders, and let you know when they are late. Sometimes you can get cash back. I have two currently set up. One of them is called Earny. They send me notices, but when I ask Amazon, they say they don’t qualify. The other one that I use is called Paribus, which is through Capital One. Paribus has been the most reliable and successful for me. I’ve received $16 back so far with their help.

When applicable, Paribus will send an email stating that they have detected a late delivery, and that you may be eligible for compensation from Amazon. When you click the link, it takes you to their site. There will be a pop up with the steps, along with the order number, and a pre-written message for you to use in chat.

It literally only takes one minute to do this and receive a credit. I’ve done it myself, four times. I usually get either get $3 or $5 in promotional credits. This does not go on your Amazon gift card balance. It will show up in your cart when you place an order. You’ll see it in the payment section with a checkbox for you to choose it.

I don’t have a referral link for Paribus, but I still wanted to share. Especially since a lot of things have been late recently, and we could always use the couple extra bucks.

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Credit Basics

A lot of people are really confused when it comes to their credit. They don’t fully understand how it all works. They don’t think it matters that much. They pay all their bills so they don’t worry about it. At some point in your life, you will most likely need to really take a hard look at your credit. There may be things you didn’t realize that may hold you back when you need it most.

A good place to start is by actually checking your credit scores. This gives you an idea of where you are ranked in the financial world. If you haven’t already done this, pull your credit report from a reliable source. You can get your information from Experian, TransUnion, your bank, etc. I use Credit Karma the most. Review every bit of it and if anything is incorrect, you can dispute it. They generally estimate it taking a month to go through the process, but I’ve seen things removed in about a week.

Once you’ve made sure your information is correct, you should keep an eye on it in case things change. I check mine every few weeks, but then I’m obsessed with increasing my credit score at the moment. A lot goes on that you don’t even realize. I’ve seen accounts get removed, then added again later under a different company name. Carefully choose ways to help build your credit, instead of hurting it in error.

I recommend not applying for every card that comes your way. The loans and cards may help at the moment, but you now have additional payments to manage later. If you’re able to, it does help to set up automatic payments. Late payments will only prevent you from catching up, especially if you’re late on more than one bill. It’s also best to keep your charges below a third of your credit. If your balance goes up, try to make an additional payment to bring it back down.

If you are starting out or just don’t have any credit at all, you may feel extremely stuck. It is a very difficult place to be in. I would normally say that Credit Karma recommends cards accordingly, but you won’t be able to access it without any credit. I would look into credit cards that will help you build your credit. You can get some with a security deposit and possibly fees. Also utility bills can be added to boost your credit. Again, be careful so you don’t set yourself back in the process.

I hope this helps. It is just meant as a basic guideline to point you in the right direction. Let me know if you have any tips as well. I love hearing from everyone.

Mission To Better Credit

My focus these days has been on my family’s financial well being. I do a lot of little things that really add up and help. I’m not a financial expert, and I’m not rich. But, I do manage to save a decent amount of money. I’m definitely on the right track and will keep expanding on this.

I think it’s time to get back to working on my credit.

Over the years, it has been all over the place. I have learned a bit about how to manage things better. In 2017, I set a goal to rebuild my credit because my score was severely damaged. By 2018, I had it up over 700, and was able to approved to buy a decent home on my own credit. Before I got that opportunity, some major life events took place and my credit quickly dropped. I’ve been trying to recover ever since.

Yesterday, I really thought about how I haven’t been making an honest effort. That’s why I decided to make it another one of my missions.

To begin this quest, I reviewed each report. I made a list of who I need to contact directly, who to dispute, and questionable things to look at further.

It’s important to at least verify that your information is correct, and let them know if it needs to be fixed. Your credit report follows you everywhere. There could be negative things that are not even yours, or have incorrect amounts and dates that was reported by creditors.

My next step was to actually take action. If you use Credit Karma, you can submit a dispute through the app. I did this with my oldest bill. Depending on the situation, you can also call them directly. I did that today as well. I just had a collection hit my credit, for not returning cable equipment in time. I called them and they set up a UPS pick up. She also advised me to contact the collection agency so they are aware we are working on having it removed.

I’m far from done, but I’m already making some progress towards my goal. It’s time to get side tracked with something else for a while.

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