Can Dinner Just Be Less Stressful?

I somehow went from very rarely cooking some extremely basic items, to cooking 2 meals a night for dinner. I never learned to cook. It was all hands on disasters. I tried to learn in my twenties, but was faced with more criticism than success. I pretty much didn’t care much after that. I got lucky over the years that I never had to cook a lot or other people did it. Until recently.

My fiance did the cooking for a bit. He taught me a few things here and there and helped me to build my kitchen confidence. I’m nowhere close to making big fancy meals, but at some point I’ve taken over our daily dinners. Except, I seem to be making a lot of double meals lately.

I can eat mostly anything. I’m not picky and I am fine with leftovers. However, my daughter and fiance each have their quirks when it comes to food. Either they don’t like the same foods, or they have to be prepared a particular way. Even a TV dinner has to be tweaked before I can serve it.

I’m grateful that I finally have the desire to cook now, but I just wish it was a little less stressful. I’m working on learning new recipes in hopes of finding more agreeable meals for everyone.

What kinds of quick and easy meals do you like to make?


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