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02/08/14 Black Fate at Jabber Jaws


2/8/14 LIVE INVASION!! – Presented by BizR Entertainment
This is severely late for several reasons.  My apologies for this. 


I had planned to work as shot girl at Jabber Jaws for this Biz R Ent metal show, plans changes unexpectedly so I found myself at a show with no camera attached to me which is a bit strange.   So, I made my rounds catching up w/ a lot of old friends I haven’t really spoken to in about a year & enjoyed some great metal music. especially the always awesome Black Fate.  They were missing Corey, but Mike’s son Jake did a great job filling in.  As much as I’ve seen them live & felt the amazing energy they always have, I never truly experienced it as I did this time.  Not having a camera allowed me to really focus on them as a band overall & what each member brings.  Then to top off an already great time, they did their cover of “See You In Hell” by Grim Reaper.  As always, the crowd went nuts & I was right in front of it all singing into the microphone with Skip at the top of my lungs.  What an awesome night it turned out to be.  I’ll see you all in hell my friends   \m/


02/02/14 GG Allin Tribute at Jabber Jaws


02/01/14 GG Allin Tribute at Jabber Jaws

02/02/14 by LadySkullshine

Thanks to everyone that came out last night to Jabber Jaws for the crazy show & $1 shots. It was an interesting night haha I was working shots all night so I really didn’t get pics but I’ll be sharing other people’s photos on my LS pages.  It was great to see everyone! Awesome show \m/

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Forgive me for being brief.  This is really my 1st official active blog.  As I go along, it’ll be better.  I promise.  For now, thanks for your support :)

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