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New Beginnings… Again

Once Again, I Am Revamping My Site

Whether you are new here, or a long time follower of LadySkullshine,



Please do excuse the chaotic mess that’s going on. It shall be a lot better soon. 

I must apologize now for past, present, and future changes that may occur. I also lack the ability to focus enough to constantly update things. I think it will all really depend on time and worthiness. I’m beyond doing Every task for little to nothing. Actually, in the past, I have invested my own money and sooooo much time.

Please do Not misunderstand.

I greatly appreciate most of everything that I experienced during that era of my life. Not to mention, I signed up for it. I literally just wanted the experience and to help other people. I didn’t realize that so many would also take advantage and not even appreciate the things I’ve done to help.

On the flip side, there were several that were beyond appreciative of my help. They were mindful of my time, thanked me, paid me, promoted me, gave me all sorts of band merchandise (which I still have a lot of), and just  really made me feel like I was making a difference.

Once I got back to extended work hours, I wasn’t able to commit my free time as I did before. That’s when a lot really came to light and could see who was real and who was just expecting everything for nothing.

The silver lining of it all is that I was able to expand on my already diverse knowledge of photography, sales, marketing, and management. I’m grateful for all experiences, good and bad.

Fast forward to now.

I never closed my site because I am proud of all my work as LadySkullshine. I just kept it up for anyone to continue to view. Now I want to use it to help on other ways. All LS items have been placed in my archive section for the time being. I honestly don’t know what all the new content will be, but my thoughts at the moment are to provide any info I can, make some money, and also share some of my kid’s skills.

Thanks for visiting and please stop back to check on updates. I greatly appreciate it! 😀

Some changes are on the horizon …

I’m completely reworking my site. Not sure how everyone will feel about it, but I’m thinking a few things.  With respect to all those who follow me, (I’m not sure how many of those I actually have) I don’t feel that I’m benefiting as many as I’d like to.  So then I wonder what’s the point.  So a new format is needed.  Since I don’t have very much spare time to work with, I will make it simple but with more interaction.   Currently, anything I post on my LadySkullshine Entertainment page on facebook will automatically upload to my site.   I’m looking for ways to expand & network further in a seamless manner.

I also think that this is my own site that I do by myself & can do whatever I want.  That being said, you will see more of what I want to be on my site.  Not, what I think will please everyone else.  So you may see more happy sparkley things & less adult rated items.  I hope this doesn’t annoy too many, but hey it is what it is right?  Everyone just needs to realize that I do this for fun & to help others voluntarily in my very limited spare time since I’m quite busy with my career & family, etc.  There are a few exceptions when I do some paid projects or trade offs, etc.

I hope to start changing some things today & to get working on some family pics on my day off.


Have a super great day!  🙂