Mercury Retrograde 2021

Every year I check the Old Farmers Almanac for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde dates. I make a note of them, then keep it somewhere I can easily reference. I don’t focus on it or stress over it. I’m not obsessed, and I don’t blame everything that goes wonky on the Retrograde. Please don’t think that.

But when things do seem to be a little too out of sorts, I check the dates. Most of the time, it’s Mercury Retrograde time. When I first started writing this post a month ago, it was just to chat about it in general. Today, I felt an urgent need to pull up the draft and finish my post. I checked my dates, and sure enough….

January 30 – February 19
May 29 – June 21
September 27 – October 17

If you’re not aware of what I’m referring to, you’re far from alone in this. A lot of people just don’t know, don’t understand, and many don’t care to. It’s in the realm of Astrology. For some reason, that still seems a bit taboo. I’m not great at explaining it, but the Almanac has a great start.

It’s really rare for me to discuss the retrograde with anyone. I often notice when others are affected by it, but I keep it to myself. I like to help any way I can, but usually it’s met with ridicule and jokes. Instead, I just use it to my own advantage to avoid any issues I can. When the retrograde is going on, I know that I need to be extremely careful with things regarding communication and transportation.

I hope to buckle down and get a lot done over the next couple of weeks. I lined up a few projects for me to focus on. I’m excited for this.

Back in the day (maybe 20 years ago), when I used to frequent the book store, Astrology was located in the tiny Metaphysical/Occult section of the book stores. I’ve read several books from that section, on all sorts of subjects back then. I was the one goth chic awkwardly standing there. I could literally feel the judgement oozing from onlookers. I could hear them in my head, assuming I’m an evil witch worshipping the devil. I’ve had a lot of panic attacks over just trying to get some books lol.


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