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New Ebay Coin Auctions

I haven’t talked much about it, but we do still have several coins for sale. I haven’t been listing any on my eBay recently. I felt like it was a waste of time because I rarely sold any. There’s a lot of competition and scammers out there. I really wish there were more local coin shops or collectors in our area. A lot of money, time, and research has been put into our collection. My fiancé has a select few put aside, but he just wants to sell the rest.

Currently, he has 18 coin auctions on eBay. I have some information below, along with links to each. If you’re interested, please check them out. Feel free to share as well. If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know.

Sully’s eBay Coin Auctions – irishim-81

All auctions include a Free surprise coin and Free USPS shipping (USA). Additional photos and details may be found on the actual eBay listing page. All coins are ungraded and fairly priced. Get them graded and resell if you like.

1953 D Lincoln Wheat Cent

Pair AU Condition Rpm

1955 P Lincoln Wheat Cent

Unique Die Clash Reverse
Very rare coin
Key date
High grade potential

1955 P Lincoln Wheat Cent

Lot Of 8

1955 S Lincoln Wheat Cent

High Grade Red Beauty

1958 P Lincoln Wheat Cent

AU Beauty Key Date

1959 P Lincoln Memorial Cent

Proof Like Key Date
Purple Toned Beauty

1971 D Lincoln Memorial Cent

Doubled Die Rpm-006 North Error

1972 P Kennedy Half Dollar

Unique Multi- Error Reverse

1982 D Lincoln Memorial Cent

Small Date
Doubled Die Reverse

1983 P Lincoln Memorial Cent

Doubled Die Reverse
Doubled Die Liberty Obverse

1984 P Lincoln Memorial Cent

Vibrant Die Clash

1984 P Lincoln Memorial Cent

Doubled Die Red
Railroad Rim

1986 P Lincoln Memorial Cent Penny

Wrong Planchet Error

1993 P Lincoln Memorial Cent

Unique Die Clash Doubled Die
Rainbow Tone

1994 P Lincoln Memorial Cent

Satin Doubled Die Reverse

2018 P Lincoln Shield Cent

Doubled Die
Cool VDB Die Error

1969 S Lincoln Memorial Cent

Rare Doubled Die Nicely Toned

eBay Coins Update #5

The following coins are currently for sale on eBay.

All auctions include a FREE extra coin and FREE shipping. (Value of extra coin varies.)

Lot Of 1958 D Lincoln Wheat Cents

Fine to XFine
Key Date


2005 D Lincoln Memorial Penny

Doubled Die


Lot of 1951 Lincoln Wheat Cents

Fine to XFine
Nice Tones


1975 P Lincoln Memorial Red Cent



1955 D Jefferson Nickel

Nice Condition


1981 P Lincoln Memorial Penny

Unique Toning?
Or Die Clash?


1971 D Lincoln Memorial Penny

DDO Date


1991 D Roosevelt Dime

DDO Date
Double Collar


1973 P Lincoln Memorial Penny

AU Red
Railroad Rim


Lot of 1964 & 1964 D Lincoln Memorial Pennies

Fine to Xfine


Mixed Lot of Wheat Cents

1918 to 1958
Various Cond