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Juicing Ventures

I’ve been reading & watching a lot of programs regarding health benefits of juicing fruits & veggies.  So, about a week ago I bought a Hamilton Beach $30 Amazon blender & a ton of organic Granny Smith apples & organic carrots.

I’m researching quite a bit to learn more about the process of juicing, health benefits, weight loss, etc.  I’m planning to do the 3 day detox juice because of all the major health benefits.  For now, I’m just learning & starting out with apples & carrots.   Today, I ventured out & bought some other things like beets, ginger root, broccoli & romaine lettuce.  No idea if I got enough or what to mix with what, but I’m sure I can throw something healthy & yummy together.

I’m not a fad diet girl.   I’m a body & health conscience person who’s been through several medical issues & still learning what works best with my body.   I have a family medical history that’s either overridden by many issues on one hand & then the non existent history that leaves me clueless.  With that said, I prefer to just be healthy altogether & not have any more pain or my own medical issues to deal with.

I’m keeping track of every drink I have & my weight.  My 1st goal is to lose enough weight to look decent when I present the award for Best Female Vocals at the 717 Entertainment Music Awards on March 22nd.  I’ve got some work to do & an awesome outfit to pick out.  🙂

Here are a few links that I’ve come across in my researching:

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