Financial Tips: Every Bit Helps

I’m always looking for ways to save and make extra money.
Literally, always. I’m obsessed.

There’s an endless amount of companies out there that say they will pay you points for this or a couple cents for that. It can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when you’re just trying to better yourself financially, anyway possible. I put in the time researching, testing, and stressing. Now that I have analyzed my results, I figured it was a good time to start sharing.

So far this year, I made over $350 in PayPal and Amazon gift cards.
This does Not include the free items that I also received.

The tasks are generally simple. They include surveys, playing games, reading articles, scanning receipts, data entry, and so on. In addition to this I also use coupons, discount codes, and cashback apps. I get some free samples here and there. I also get free items, after I try them out and provide my honest review. Doing all of these things does not take very long, and it really does add up.

I am sharing the companies that have been the most successful for me, and who I have received a completed payout. I will continue to update this as I find more. Of course, everyone’s results will vary.

Try them out by using my referral links and codes listed in the following sections.
Let me know what you think and share any apps that have worked for you. Thanks!

* Cash Back From Receipts *
* Other Cash Back Apps *
* Games That Pay To Play *
* Surveys, Offers, Etc *
* Miscellaneous Extras
* Cash Back For Testing Items *
* Coupons (New Page Coming Soon) *

Cash Back From Receipts

I save every single receipt. I scan them with several apps to get money back, then log them for budgeting. It doesn’t take very long, and it adds up quickly. Some of the apps also let you shop through them for cash back.

So far, I’ve cashed out $125+ using the following.

Coin Out
* I’ve cashed out $23.
* Referral Code: TAYT94E.
* Referral Link:

* I’ve cashed out $36.
* Referral Code: E4HFT.
* Referral Link:

* I’ve cashed out $30
* Referral Code: N32FQ.
* Referral Link:

Receipt Hog
* I’ve cashed out $30.
* Referral Info: Per RH, they discontinued referrals due to approaching max capacity.

Receipt Pal
* I’ve cashed out $35.
* Referral Code: PPTWMPZJ.
* Referral Link:

*** Now, you can also scan your receipts with Inbox Dollars! ***
It’s in beta mode currently, so it may not work properly.

Inbox Dollars: Surveys, games, offers, receipts, and more.
* I’ve cashed out $30.
* Referral Link:

Other Cash Back Apps/ Sites

Paribus: Scans for late deliveries and helps to get you cash back.
* Referral Info: I wasn’t able to locate any, but still worth sharing.

Rakuten (aka Ebates): Online and in store cash back.
* Referral Code: 44753.
* Referral Link:

Games That Pay To Play

This is super simple. Play games while accumulating points towards gift cards. Since I’m playing solely for the rewards, I go for the highest payouts. The app has to track your gaming activity, so you’ll need to adjust your security settings.

* I’ve cashed out $80.
* Referral Link:

Surveys, Complete Offers, Watch Videos, Etc

These companies have paid me to take surveys, read emails, watch videos, rate things, complete offers, trials, install apps, and so on.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTURK):
Do small tasks for Amazon, including surveys, extracting receipt information, provide search results, pulling info from a site, rate pics, and so on.
* I’ve cashed out $8.64.
* Referral Info: None
* Site:

Quick tasks with minimal effort. Swipe through screens, videos, surveys, and more.
* I’ve cashed out $35.
* Referral Link:

Inbox Dollars:
Surveys, games, offers, receipts, and more.
* I’ve cashed out $30.
* Referral Link:

My Points:
Take surveys, play games, points for shopping, read emails, and more.
* Referral Link:

Miscellaneous Extras

This is a mix of more sites that you can make a few bucks on. I also included sites that I have saved money on. I will be adding more here soon.

This is my favorite car insurance. You pay a low base rate, plus miles. I rarely drive, so this makes perfect sense for me. Our monthly bill is about $35 for two vehicles, having the lowest coverage possible. Also, they respond quickly and are helpful.
* Referral Link:

This app just runs in the background of your phone. Once a week, I click on it and get 5 points. That’s it. I’ve made $35 from this app so far.
* Site:
* Referral Info: I would have to send you an email.

Cheap shopping site with pretty much everything. You can use coupon codes to save even more money. Be careful of the shipping charges, and it tends to take long. Chat with a bot is usually their means of contact, unless you call them. I haven’t tried that yet.
* Site:
* Referral Code: hzvsdyj

This site is powered by WordPress since 2011. I’ve spoken to them through chat and they have been helpful.
* Referral Link:

YouGov Pulse VPN:
This app runs in the background of your phone, automatically accumulating points. There’s also an occasional survey. They don’t take long, and are generous with points.
* I’ve cashed out $15.
* Referral Link:

Cash Back For Testing Items

By doing this, you are helping merchants to build their ratings as well as giving them feedback on their items. In return, you receive cash back. There are some sites that require an Amazon review, while others do not. You want to focus on the latter. If Amazon notices “strange activity”, your account could be flagged or removed.

I will gather a list of No Review sites that I have successfully worked with.

No Review Sites:

  • Coming Soon…

Using several different sites, I’ve received the following useful items and more.

Clothing * Small Appliances * Electronics * Pet Items * Household Gadgets * Jewelry

Recent Financial Posts:

For more details, along with the most accurate up to date information, see the individual company’s sites/apps.
My only affiliation is that I personally have used these companies and share my referral links.

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