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While I do all that I can to save money, I’m also always looking for ways to make a few extra bucks to help supplement our income. There’s so many apps and companies out there that advertise “get paid to (gpt)” tasks. A lot of them pay very little and take a long time to complete. It can be overwhelming and confusing, and eventually it just doesn’t seem worth it.

I’ve actually managed to find a few that have been successful for me. The tasks are generally simple. They include surveys, playing games, reading articles, data entry, and so on. I have listed how much I made from each one next to the company name. So far, I made over $650. This doesn’t include the free items that I also received ($2k+).

A Few General Tips:

* Make sure payouts are worth it. Ex: Starbucks cards, you shop Dunkin.
* Follow all the rules for each site to ensure that you get paid.
* Contact them right away with issues, with details & screenshots.
* Work on higher paying tasks when possible.
* Keep track your time vs. how much money you are making.
* Pay attention to payout amounts. You may get more back if you wait.

Everyone’s results will vary. I’m in Pennsylvania USA, using an Android phone and a Windows 10 laptop.

In the sections below, I listed the ways I have used to supplement my income. Please use my referral links and codes. We both may receive incentives. Thanks!

GPT Play Games

This is super simple. Play games while accumulating points towards gift cards. The app has to track your gaming activity, so you’ll need to adjust your security settings.

Fitplay: $15

I cashed out last year, but then my points stopped accumulating. I kinda just moved on from there. I’m going to try it again at some point.

Mistplay: $100

I’ve been using this app for almost a year. My cash out would be even higher, but I was testing other apps for a while.

Money Rawr: $1

I don’t recall what the issue was with this one, but I uninstalled it. I’ll look into this one later.

Passive Apps

The following apps take very minimal effort, in general. They may also include other tasks like installing other apps, completing offers, surveys, and so on.

Achievement: $10

Connect this app to other fitness apps, like Fitbit and Samsung Health. It automatically accumulates points when you do things like walking or weighing yourself. When you log into the app, there may be a survey or articles to read for more points.

Giftloop: $40

This is one of my favorite multitasking apps. I just swipe through the screens, until I see a cute cat meme. Then I stop to collect 5 coins. I swipe some more to the videos, to earn 50 coins each. There’s also high payout surveys, “daily specials”(below), and coins for charging your phone. That’s pretty much it. There are decent paying tasks like trying other apps too, but I rarely do those.

Support: They have always responded when I contacted them. They just added games, but mine isn’t working yet for this. I’m waiting for this to be resolved.

Daily Specials:
Log In = 100 coins.
Log In 7 Days Straight = 3,000 coins.
Take Survey = 750 coins + coins paid per survey.
Complete Offer = 500 coins + coins per offer.
Install an App = 300 coins + each app install.

If you’re interested in trying Giftloop, and use my referral link, I will receive bonus coins. Thank you!

Lucktastic: $5

This app has scratch offs, app installs, and a few other things.

Lucky Money: $15

This has mostly scratch offs, but there’s a few other things like lotto. I wasn’t able to find any referral information.

MobileXpression: $55

This app runs in the background of your phone. Once a week I open the app, which takes me to my browser. Click Continue, then claim another 5 points. That’s literally it. If you want to use me as a referral, I would have to send you an email.

Money App: $5

I briefly used this last year. If I remember correctly, they pushed installing apps to get more points. It was also slow to accumulate.

GPT Take Surveys

I have listed the following as survey sites, either because they primarily do surveys or they do them, along with other tasks. While some don’t seem to pay much, it adds up quickly. Surveys do pay decent, if you have the patience and focus to do them. That’s where I fall short. I’m working on that and will have more posted here soon.

Inbox Dollars: $30

I’ve been taking surveys, searching the web, completing offers, etc. There’s a new feature that you can scan receipts for points, however mine isn’t working properly. I contacted support and they advised it is in beta mode, so it may not work as it should.

My Points: $15

Take surveys, play games, points for shopping, read emails, and more.

Prolific: $10 pending

This company will have occasional “studies”, which are basically surveys. I just did one slightly different. It was a reaction test, where I had to lift my depressed fingers on the keyboard when a number displays on the screen. Also, be aware that they pay in Euro. This gets converted in PayPal.

YouGov: $15 (+$30+ pending)

I had this under passive apps, but the surveys are worth paying attention to. There are two apps to this. YouGov is the Panel app for surveys. YG Pulse is the app that runs in the background of your phone, automatically accumulating points. Overall, they are pretty generous with points. I have a pending balance of almost $50. When you use my link and complete 4 surveys, I receive 2k points.

GPT Do Tasks

I am working on a few new ones to add here shortly.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTURK): $21

I do small tasks for Amazon, including surveys, extracting receipt information, provide search results, pulling data from a site, rate pics, and so on. I’ve read a lot about others not getting accepted, and the lack of work in certain countries. Also, when you first start, you only qualify for certain tasks that pay lower amounts. This will increase over time. I’ve seen some pretty decent income reports from people doing this.

Clickworker: Pending $2

Do tasks like uploading pics, google search, surveys, etc. I haven’t done a lot with this one yet, but I plan to work on it a bit more. When you use my referral link and make $10, I will get a $5 incentive. Thank you!

GPT Test Items

Getting paid to test items can be a few different things. For now, I’m focused on some sites that require an Amazon review, and those that do not. I’ll most likely expand on this at some point.

This is my basic explanation. Merchants want to get their products out there, need feedback, or Amazon ratings, and so on. They reach out to third party companies to help them do this. When you become a member of one of those companies, you then have access to the merchant’s items. Each site has a different process. Usually, you purchase the item on Amazon, then submit your order number and a screenshot of the order. You then receive a refund for the item, up to 100%. I’ve even received extra money at times.

I’m going to be completely honest about this. This category in general is controversial. It can get complicated, and there are different scenarios. I do a lot of research and read a lot of group posts. If you are interested in doing this, I suggest starting small and with items you need.

*** No Review Sites: ***

No review is required, however they may request seller feedback. If your Amazon account has been flagged, you’re still able to do this.

Rebatest (NR/R): $100+

This site is actually a review site, listed below, BUT they have a section called Report Only. That means that you only need to provide a report to the seller on the site, not Amazon.

*** Review Sites: ***

I’ve done reviews for over eight months, and received a lot of useful items.

If you partake in any of these transactions, it’s at your own risk.
If Amazon notices “strange activity”, they will flag your account, remove all reviews ever written, and not allow any going forward. Also, be aware that you may start receiving messages from strangers promising free products. Always be careful, and remember that you can return a product to Amazon if needed.

Pets Rebate (R): $35

Get all sorts of items for your pets. I got Bashy some toys and socks. You need to have 500 points ($5) to cash out.

Rebatest (R/NR): $600+

I received several useful items here. Some people struggle with this site because of the steps involved, use of vouchers, etc. I considered writing something to help with this. In the meantime, I do try to assist in the FB groups.

Using a mix of Review / No Review sites, I’ve received over $2,000 in awesome products like: Clothing, Small Appliances, Electronics, Pet Items, Household Gadgets, Jewelry, and More.

Miscellaneous Extras

There are other ways to make a few extra bucks. You just have to look.

One Main Financial

I have a loan through them, and noticed they have a section on their website that you can earn points. So far, I’ve cashed out $60 in Amazon and Dunkin Donuts gift cards. All I do is read articles, use the loan calculator, log in, etc. Log into your accounts to see if they have features like this.

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Maximize Savings
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Browser Extensions
Scanning Receipts

Other Savings

Thank you for visiting. If you try any of the companies mentioned here, please use my referral links and codes. We both may earn an incentive. That alone, is a huge help to me. If you would like to support my efforts in other ways, you may use Venmo or PayPal. I’m looking for a cheap fast laptop, so I can share a lot more. Thank you!

Giftloop cat meme collage I made for Yve 🙂

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