Share The Savings

I am always looking for new ways to make extra money and also save wherever possible. Literally, always. I’m obsessed.

There’s an endless amount of available apps and websites out there that offer to pay you points for this or a couple cents for that, or ones that have tips and suggestions, or others will monitor your money and even spot you if you are short a few bucks. It can be overwhelming and confusing. I’ve had my share of stress and wasted time just trying to better myself financially. I even had nearly 300 apps installed on my phone for some time. I’ve put in the hours of researching and testing them. Oh and the plethora of annoying spam calls, texts, emails.

Sorting through it all becomes a spiraling cluster of sorts, which then brings the ongoing plans to organize it all so I can figure out what is even beneficial. Add my ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and so forth to the mix. Surprisingly, I have actually made some decent progress organizing and narrowing things down a bit…for now. Till the next round of “let’s try this”. Since I’m at a decent point in my own organizing, I figured it was a good time to begin sharing some of my ways to save and make a few extra bucks.

I’m not completely batty, I swear. I do see the benefits. I started a spreadsheet to keep track, but some things are harder to calculate. As far as receiving cash back/ payouts via Amazon and PayPal, I have made just over $300 since I have started this some time last year. It will grow quicker now that I have done a lot of the basic legwork. These tasks includes thing like surveys, playing games, reading articles, scanning receipts, data entry, affiliate programs, some apps just have to run on my phone to accumulate points/cash, referrals, and so on. In addition to this I also use coupons, discount codes, and cashback apps. I get some free samples here and there. Not to mention, I also get free Amazon items when I try them out and provide my honest review.

There are a lot of companies out there and I’m still dabbling with a few, but the ones that I have listed on my site have been the most successful for me. I have also included my referral links. So if you decided to join, we will both get additional benefits.

To Start Your Savings Galore, See The Following Page. Includes, but not limited to:
* Cashback From Receipts
* Additional Cashback Apps/Sites
* Games, Surveys, & More

These pages will be updated whenever possible.
For the most accurate up to date information, see the individual company’s sites/apps.
My only affiliation is the use and sharing of my referral links.

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