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I literally take advantage of every possible deal available before, during, and after every transaction. It may take longer, but it’s worth the money saved. Below is a random example just to give an idea of how a simple transaction can quickly become complex. There are a lot of different scenarios, so it can get complicated. I’m working on a system to make this process a lot quicker and more effective.

Everyone’s results will vary. I’m in Pennsylvania USA, using an Android phone and a Windows 10 laptop.

Example of Domino’s Pizza Order:

  • Log in to use loyalty, adding points towards a free pizza.
  • Use online coupon provided by Domino’s.
  • Extension offers Domino’s gift card purchase, giving 7.8% cash back.
  • Checkout using Samsung Pay for cash back.
  • Use attached PayPal card that offers cash back.
  • Email receipt for points and cash back.

In the sections below, I explained the steps I use to help save money. It’s in order, starting from before until after the transaction. Please use my referral links and codes. We both may receive incentives. Thanks!

Maximize Savings:

The key is to combine as much as possible to make the most of your money.

  • Loyalty Programs. Save at the time of sale and on future purchases.
  • Follow Sales. Check ads and sites that keep track of the best deals.
  • Coupons. Paper, digital, codes, and more.
  • Browser Extension. Finds coupons and sales at check out.
  • Cash Back Apps/Sites. Third party offering cash back.
  • Cash Back Payment Cards. Most bank cards do this anymore.
  • Scan Receipts. I have about ten apps that I scan my receipts with.
  • Rebates. Always look for these. A lot of times, you can do them online.

Follow Sales:

* Get sales ads in the newspaper.
* Sign up for emails from your favorite stores.
* Follow couponers who provide tips on social media. The Krazy Coupon Lady app is also a great reference.

Obtain Coupons:

There are all sorts of coupons including printed, digital, manufacturer, store, coupon codes, and so on. To get the best results, I would recommend learning the rules for each store, the different kinds of coupons/ deals available, and what can be combined.

  • Subscribe To Newspaper. They run specials for weekend delivery.
  • $1 Papers at Dollar Tree. There’s a limit of 3 per day, Sat & Sun.
  • Digital Coupons. A few stores let you clip (save) them on their site/ app. Dollar General has this option.
  • Kiosks. Some stores, like CVS, print special coupons in store.
  • Print From Manufacturer’s Site. This can take some time, ink, and paper, but you can get some decent coupons.
  • Print From Third Party Sites. Same info as #5. An example is
  • Ask Companies To Mail Coupons. I’ve contacted 100+ companies and found very few will send any. But, I did manage to get a few high value coupons.

Companies That Sent Me Coupons Via Mail:
* Blue (dog food) * Bush’s * Celestial Seasonings * Chicken of the Sea * Daisy * Frito Lay * Hostess * Hungry Jack * Jif * Juicy Juice * Kellogg * Maruchan * Ocean Spray * OnCor * Quaker * Tyson

Also, I received a Degree deodorant and Breathe Rite strips.
(Free Sample Sites Coming Soon).

I just found out another great thing about coupons!
Expired manufacturer coupons can be used by our overseas military, for up to six months past their date. You can mail them directly or send them to the Support Our Troops: Troopons Program. There’s some guidelines to this that I found on their site, so you really want to review it first.

Browser Extensions:

Coming Soon.

Cash Back Apps/ Sites:

Verify all of the requirements needed to receive cash back. Also, keep track of when you are paid. I placed a few online grocery orders before I realized I wasn’t getting paid and it was my own fault.

  • Paribus: $13
    This will scan your email for late deliveries, notify you, then help you to get your cash back.
  • Rakuten (aka Ebates)Ref Code: 44753.

Cash Back Scanning Receipts:

I save every single receipt, scan them with the following, then log them for budgeting. It doesn’t take very long, and it adds up quickly. So far this year, I’ve cashed out $175+ using the following.

Other Savings:

This is a mix of other sites that you can save a few bucks on.

Metromile: Car Insurance
I rarely drive, so this makes perfect sense. I pay around $34 a month for two vehicles, with bare minimum coverage. This includes a base rate for each, plus miles driven. They respond quickly and are helpful. If you get a free quote with my link, I will get a $25 gift card. Thank you!

Wish: General Shopping
They are super cheap and have pretty much everything. You can use coupon codes to save even more money. Shipping can be more expensive and take longer, but honestly the items I order are never a rush anyway. When you use my referral code HZVSDYJ and make a purchase, I will receive $5.

This site is powered by WordPress since 2011. I’ve spoken to them through chat and they have been helpful.

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