I moved this information here because the Rebate Sites page has grown quite a bit. Not to mention, it seemed like a lot of extra information that may not be necessary for some. Since I do feel that it could still be useful to others, I chose to keep it here just in case.

If you like, you can easily skip this, and go right to the page that contains the actual Rebate Sites.


For those that are not familiar with the rebating process, basically I pay up front for all sorts of items from Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, eBay, and more. I then receive up to 100% of my money back, at a later time. Payments can be sent via PayPal, gift card, check, bank deposit, etc.

There are some requirements like providing order numbers, PayPal address, or screenshots. In some cases, they may require seller feedback or a survey once you receive the item. This is not the same as doing an Amazon review. Always verify what they are requesting before agreeing.

I find my rebates through several different sources. I mostly rely on some of the companies I have listed on the Rebate Sites page. More will be added soon. I also have several agents that I work with on Facebook, and a few other media.

*** There is a glossary of terms below, if you’re unsure of anything I’m referring to. More to be added soon.


Since December 2019, I have received over $12,000 in items, free after rebate. I have since learned about promotional codes and deal hunting. I’m obsessed with finding all the great deals and passing along the savings. Click album to see a few of the items I’ve been able to snag.


Avoid Doing Amazon Reviews

I do Not recommend writing reviews on Amazon in exchange for receiving any items. It’s against Amazon’s community standards. It’s just not worth it for a few reasons. You may not always get a great item and now your stuck doing a four or five star review. If you don’t, then either you lose the money or you have to return it. No matter what tricks you use to avoid detection, Amazon will eventually find out that you exchanged a review for an item, and then wipe your account. That means that your reviews will be removed and you can no longer write new ones, do ratings, or post questions. You can still order, have Prime, and leave seller feedback.

Follow Every Step To Ensure Payment

Always know what is expected before completing a purchase. When you purchase the item, verify it’s the correct one. There may be a specified size or color. Amazon sometimes will offer a coupon for the item. Ask if you should use it or not. Make sure you follow through if you promise to share the item on social media, take a survey, or whatever it may be. If you are dealing with an agent, stay in touch.

Keep Track Of Every Transaction!

I’m obsessed with spreadsheets, but this is so helpful. I notate when I ordered, what I paid, when I got my refund, and all other details. I forget easily and this really can get out of hand if you don’t pay attention. Once, I lost payment on a hoodie because I never notated the agent I originally spoke to. Months later, I was actually able to locate the chat and contacted the agent. I managed to still get my refund.

Another great reason to keep track of all transactions is because you may need to fill out a 1099 for taxes. It depends on the amount of rebate payments you receive through PayPal as Goods and Services. It gets reported to the IRS as income by PayPal. I’m in the process of gathering additional information regarding this that I will share. In any case, always check the IRS. gov site and/or speak with your tax accountant for any advice.

Beware Of Scams

Any type of rebating activity on Facebook will leave you open to new scammers. If you join any groups associated with rebate sites or anything similar, you may start getting strange new messages. A lot of people troll these groups. I get tons of friend requests and messages asking if I’m a US Amazon reviewer. They blow up my inbox with pics of items they promise for free. I never do business with anyone that randomly reaches out to me. I do a lot of research before I deal with any agent at all.


I moved my list of Rebate Sites to it’s own page. These have all been verified by me. I have had at least one successful transaction with each of them. As I test out other companies, they will be added. All sites have no review items, but may also contain sections for review requests. Be careful when applying to purchase items.



If you don’t already have it, you are going to want to get Prime. It’s $12.99 a month, but you might be able to get it at a reduced rate. If you are a student, see if you qualify to pay $6.49. Or pay only $5.99, if you are an EBT/Medicaid recipient. I posted some information about this here.

For more information, see the All Things Amazon page.


I just added this section to help break down a few things. Please let me know if there’s anything that you need help with.


  • Verified Seller: Someone you trust has vouched for the seller so it is less likely you will be scammed. Always proceed with caution regardless.


  • Ratings: Basically if you can do reviews on Amazon, you can do ratings. There are two different kinds of ratings. Yellow and Blue.
    • Yellow Ratings: Once Amazon wipes your account, you can no longer do yellow ratings.
    • Blue Ratings: Whether you can do reviews or not, you can still do blue ratings. These need to be done on a browser. It is found by doing the following. There are tabs along the top starting with “All”. Click on either your browsing history or your Amazon. For example, mine says “LadySkullshine’s Amazon”. Once you click on that, it opens a new row of tabs. Click “Improve Your Recommendations”. You will see all of your purchases. On the right hand side, you’ll see where you can mark a five star rating.
  • Seller Feedback: This option is available on Amazon for everyone, even if your account is wiped. Click Orders, View Order Details, This is where you can click five star, and then leave your feedback about the shipping portion of the order. Once you have submitted it, it is posted immediately. Click on the next tab to view your completed feedback. Take a screenshot to send if needed.
  • Wiped Account: When Amazon suspects any strange activity on your account, they will start the wiping process. You will receive an email advising of this. Eventually your reviews are removed, you lose your ability to create new ones. They also remove your ability to give yellow ratings or to ask questions in the review section.

For more financial information, seeSmile, Sparkle, Save!Financial Basics, Money Saving Tips, Scan Receipts, Rebating, Savings Page, Extra Money Tips. Everything else can be found on the Site Map.

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