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I have listed below some of the third party companies that I’ve worked with. They all offer rebates, without having to do any reviews or ratings. Some also do the coupon codes. Please use my referral links when you sign up, so that we both may receive an incentive.

If you are not familiar with how rebates work, please see the Rebating page to get started. More information about coupon codes can be found on the All Things Amazon page.

To see pics of some of the items I’ve received through rebates and promotional codes, see My Deals Album.

Rebate Sites:

Coupon Codes:

For the Google Docs version, click here.


More in depth information can be found on the Rebating page.

  • Cashback Tiger

When you apply for an item on Cashback Tiger, you need to then message them with the ID number that is provided. Once they approve it, you can place your order. Honestly, I haven’t used this one very much.

  • Cashbackbase

Cashbackbase works on a points system for the most part. There are discounted items up to 100% off, with no reviews. This was one of the first rebate companies I used and still do. They also have coupon codes.

  • Deals Bank

Deals Bank has a mix of review and no review items from Amazon and Walmart. Last I heard, they were closing their site.

  • Elite Rebate

I’ve been working with Elite Rebate for a while now through Facebook. Now they have a site, with a mix of money saving deals, along with a rebates section. I have only used their rebate section.

There is a 35 day wait on payment for new users. Once you complete the steps required, you can move up to faster payments. I am usually paid within a day or two of ordering.

Please copy the following referral code before you click the link to sign up. 5fca6e02ea76c20007a2f7f2

  • Fully Rebate

Fully Rebate uses your Facebook to log in. They have no review items that cost points in order to apply. Points are acquired through invites. They also have ratings items, which do not require points. Those will have a star in the corner of the item pic.

  • Kitchen Mamas Picks

Kitchen Mamas Picks has kitchen items available. They allow only one purchase per month, unless you refer others. They pay via an Amazon gift card.

  • Noodle Campus

Noodle Campus has a section called “Discount” and one for “Giveaway Items”. These do not require a review. When you apply, you must wait for their approval before placing your order. To be completely honest, I had a few snags with misunderstandings I believe. For example, they are asking me to cancel a task that is already complete on their end. I have an ongoing conversation with no real solution yet.

  • Rebaid

Rebaid products are reduced up to 100% off, with no reviews at all. After you purchase the item, there is a waiting period. Then you will receive a check in the mail for the amount promised. They just added a direct payment option, but there is a fee if you choose this.

  • Rebate Rewards

Rebate Rewards is a completely no review site, with items reduced up to 100% off. Filter to see only the FREE items. Every 30 days from sign up, you’ll receive a reward amount. This is the amount you are allowed to order for that month.

Payouts are done through a digital check via It is then deposited electronically to your bank account, from HPUCK LLC.

  • Rebatest

Rebatest has a section called Report Only. That means that you only need to provide a trial report and a picture to the seller on the site, not Amazon. This was one of the first companies I worked with and still do. They send payments through PayPal.

Try them out with my Referral Link and Code: 3mji1d.

  • Snagshout

Snagshout works slightly different. They have different options, saving you up to 100% off. You can upload videos, do surveys, and more. Pay attention to what you are agreeing to on each item. They also use coupon codes too.

  • Test Market

Test Market has a few different options available. Some items are full rebate, others are discounted. There are some items that require a video review on their site (not Amazon). They send out a notification when items are available, and they tend to sell out quickly.


Amazon coupon codes are really easy to use. You just enter them at the checkout screen and click apply. If it’s the correct item, you will see an adjusted price. Coupon codes can be obtained from sites like the ones I have listed below. You can also get them from Amazon Associates in the Facebook groups, but those are the ones that you must act fast or you will miss out. More info can be found on the All Things Amazon page.

  • Vipon

I have ordered several items from Vipon. When you click on the item, it copies the code and then sends you to the product page for you to purchase the item. Add it to your cart, and apply the code. Keep an eye out to make sure the price matches what they stated on Vipon. Also pay attention to any added shipping charges.

When you are first viewing an item on Vipon, you will may see comments below it stating if someone got the deal or not, and any feedback they may have. You can also leave a comment as well. They give points for actions like this.

They also give out points for referrals, so please use my link when you check them out.

  • Zon Deals

I only ordered from Zon Deals a few times. They don’t seem to have a lot of things on, but I’m also not sure when they reset their items. I did get a 20 gallon air tight food container that we use for our cat Sage’s dry food.

Try them out with my Referral Link.

For more financial information, seeSmile, Sparkle, Save!Financial Basics, Money Saving Tips, Scan Receipts, Rebating, Savings Page, Extra Money Tips. Everything else can be found on the Site Map.

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