Promoting Friends

The following are some friends that have written some books that you may be interested in. Please take a moment to check them out.

I’m currently working on rebuilding this whole section. I always try to share my friends’ bands, side gigs, books, small businesses, and whatever they have going on. That’s the initial premise of LadySkullshine Entertainment, however I shifted focus a bit and needed to move a few things around. I haven’t completely decided how I am reorganizing this, and I’m multitasking a few different projects at the moment. More will be coming soon.

Also check out LadySkullshine Photography for local bands. Thank you for your patience and support.

Books by Cyper LX

I met Cypher LX almost ten years ago. I was doing photoshoots of the BizR Babes with BizR Entertainment at that time. Cypher has a BA in Forensic Psychology, writes books in her spare time, makes cosplay costumes, is a photographer, and rescues animals too.

Danny Marvin‘s Books

Danny Marvin wrote the book Dirty Mary, which I’m currently reading at the moment. He also wrote American Vengeance. Both found on Amazon.

Serendipity Bloom, Books and Soaps

Serendipity Bloom was my manager when I was working at a food testing laboratory several years ago. I later found out that she did a whole lot of other things too. While I worked with her, she had published a book called Flesh Cravers. She later started making her own soaps and has a shop called SoapMajick.

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