Coins For Sale

We currently have a handful of coins along with some miscellaneous items listed on ebay and a few other sites. Our prices are very reasonable since we are just looking to make a few bucks. You can purchase from us and resell for a higher cost if you like.

If you are looking for something in particular, please let me know via

Sites Where We Currently Have Items For Sale:

All ebay coin auctions include a free surprise coin.

We are PayPal Business Verified for quick and secure payments.

General List of Coin Inventory:

  • Red & Redish Brown Pennies
    • Raw
    • High Grade Possibilities
  • Wheat Pennies [1909 – 1959]
    • Only A Few Years Missing
    • Grades From Fair To Red
    • Includes Various Errors
  • Lincoln Memorial Pennies [1959 – Present]
    • Grades From Fair To Red
    • Lots of Various Errors
  • Errors Include, Not Limited To
    • Planchet
    • RPM
    • DDO / DDR
    • Broadstrike
    • O/C
    • Lamination
    • Die Clash
  • Limited Amounts
    • Buffalo Nickels
    • V Nickels
    • Halves