My fiance is the one who primarily handles all things numismatic. I just try to help when possible. If you have an interest in coins, check out a few of what we have posted online.

We actually have tons of coins available for sale. There are entirely too many to list. If you are looking for something in particular, please let me know. You can also subscribe to my LadyS updates to stay informed.

There’s no limit to buy. We can ship or meet up, depending on location. If you are in the market to purchase, we are PayPal Verified for quick and secure payments.

Our collection consists mostly of what my fiance has come across while roll hunting. Mostly pennies, but sometimes he gets nickel, dime, and quarter rolls too. He has wheats, key dates, double dies, and a lot of various errors. (*See below.)

Prices are very reasonable, but still negotiable to an extent. My fiance spends countless hours examining and researching, so please be mindful when making offers.

I have some links posted here, and will also have more information available as time goes on.


  • Red & Redish Brown Pennies
    • Raw
    • High Grade Possibilities
  • Wheat Pennies
    • 1909 – 1959
    • Only A Few Years Missing
    • Grades From Fair To Red
    • Includes Various Errors
  • Lincoln Memorial Pennies
    • 1959 – Present
    • Grades From Fair To Red
    • Lots of Vaious Errors
  • Errors Include, Not Limited To
    • Planchet
    • RPM
    • DDO
    • DDR
    • Broadstrike
    • O/C
    • Lamination
    • Die Clash
  • Small Amount Of The Following
    • Buffalo Nickels
    • V Nickels
    • Halves
    • Silver

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