I have recently become involved in some Numismatics. My fiance Sully is the one who primarily handles things in this realm, I just try to help wherever possible. He started this a few years ago as a hobby, that turned into putting some things away for later. We actually now have a decent collection, and a large amount of coins available for sale. There’s entirely too many to list all of it here at the moment. He has been working on sorting and whatnot so we can get a more proper inventory list. Until then, feel free to let me know via email if there is anything in particular you are looking for.

Our collection consists mostly of what Sully has come across while penny roll hunting. So there will be mostly pennies, with a few other coins, and maybe some bills here and there. At this particular point in time, none of our items have been graded.

Sully has taken the time to do extensive researching, collecting, evaluating, and weighing everything coin we have for sale. This helps ensure that we deliver the best information, pictures, and product for a reasonable price. Please be mindful of this when bidding or making offers.

For a general listing of what coins we have available, as well as what is currently for sale, see the Coins For Sale page.

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