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I’m always seeing these lists with all sorts of great financial tips. I get super happy, click them, only to be really disappointed. There’s a lot of clickbait and promotional ads. A very slim few of the things ever listed are actually legit really helpful. But, every single time I see a list, I get excited to see what’s on it. I complain and swear I’ll make my own one day.

Well here is the beginning of my lists. I hope they help! I’ll add more later, and try to make it fancy. Maybe I’ll even start sharing it once it’s complete.

More information about all of the listed items can be found in the Smile, Sparkle, Save section of this site.

13 Things To Do To Save Money In 2022

No matter who you are, you’re able to save a few bucks with little to no effort. Hopefully this list helps a bit.

  1. Install CFL or LED Light Bulbs
    They use less energy and last longer.
  2. Review Bills And Reduce
    Look over all of your bills and contact the companies to see if anything can be changed, reduced, credited.
  3. Cancel Unused Subscriptions
    Go through your bank statements and review your subscriptions. Cancel anything you really don’t need.
  4. Set Up Auto Pay
    This helps to prevent late payments. Some companies also offer you a discount when you are on auto payments.
  5. Brew Most of Your Coffee at Home
    I’d be a hypocrite if I told you to stop buying Dunkin. So, have some here and there. Just not every single day, or before your regular work schedule at least. Make it a rare special treat. Everyone’s faces will light up when you surprise them with it. You can also get a fancy Keurig machine and buy the pods on sale.

    For ways to earn Dunkin’, Starbucks, and more gift cards, see the Earn Money section.
  6. Plan Your Trips
    Plan where you are going and when so you can save the most on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.
  7. Cheaper Auto Insurance Policy
    Always shop around for the best rate and coverage for your needs. I have found a great one that’s perfect for me. I barely drive, so I pay a base rate, plus per mile. See here for more information.
  8. Use Gas Points From Grocery Store
    Most grocery stores have loyalty programs that you sign up for to get access to discounts and more. They may also give you money off per gallon of gas at a participating gas station.

    Once a month, I cash in my gas points from Giant and save about $20. That’s approximately $240 a year that I save on gas.
  9. Use Coupons
    There’s paper and digital coupons, manufacturer and store coupons, stackable and non-stackable coupons.

    *** There’s a whole section here on Coupons.
  10. Buy in Bulk, In Most Cases
    Usually, you save a lot of money when you buy in bulk. Pay close attention. Sometimes, it turns out it’s cheaper to buy the smaller containers. For example, I was buying the large handled 48 ounce chocolate syrup bottle for a while until I realized it cost less to buy two bottles that were 24 ounces each.
  11. Get Cash Back From Shopping
    There’s a few different ways to get cash back that includes credit cards, third party sites, apps, extensions, submitting your receipts, and more.

    There’s more information about cash back found in this section.
  12. Ask About Discounts For Veterans and Seniors
    Active military and veterans often get a discount, but you just may have to ask for it.
  13. Cut Back or Quit Smoking, Drinking, Etc
    If you have been considering this, it still may be difficult. It might help by literally starting with just one less drink, cigarette, or whatever at a time until it just becomes habit.

    Depending on your support system, decide if you want to include anyone else in knowing about this. It could be great for some, while others may feel too pressured one way or another, and it causes additional anxiety for them.

Additional mini lists.

Reduce Monthly Bills

First review all bills. See how much is being spent versus how much money is coming in. Try to eliminate things that are not needed. Switch to another company as needed.

  • Verify you’re on the lowest plan for your needs
  • Set up autopay. Avoid late fees. They sometimes offer discounts.
  • Review bills periodically for any changes or extra charges.
  • Use an ink subscription.
  • Pay by the mile for auto insurance, if you don’t drive a lot.

Save While Shopping
Basic List
  • Sign up for loyalty programs wherever you shop.
  • Use coupons and discount codes.
  • Stack everything possible to get the best deal.
  • Use a calculator.
  • Get cash back from credit cards.
  • Buy discounted gift cards to pay with.
  • Use cash back apps, sites, and extensions.
  • Submit your receipts for cash back.

Make A Few Bucks In Your Spare Time

There are apps that pay you for things in your spare time, on up to actual side jobs available.

  • Play mobile games.
  • Use passive apps.
  • Take surveys.
  • Complete tasks.

Credit Score

  • Add things like Netflix and rent payments to help boost your score.
  • Keep credit card balances below 33%.
  • Make additional payments to keep your balances lower.
  • Don’t apply for everything.

More information about all of the listed items can be found in the Smile, Sparkle, Save section of this site.

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