My Deals Album

This page started off as being my place to show off all of the awesome items that I have received free, after rebate. Using the companies listed on the Rebate Sites page and more, I’ve received over $12,000 in products for up to 100% off. I’ve been doing this since December 2019. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of rebating, you can find additional information on the Rebating Intro page.

Recently, I’ve been using a lot of discount codes as well. So, I decided to mix those pics in here too. While I keep everything organized in a spreadsheet, I’m not so organized otherwise. I just wanted a place to show everyone all the great items anyone can get for up to 100% off.

I often share pics of these items and more on my Smile, Sparkle, Save Instagram. Follow to join my adventures in snagging awesome deals.

Fidget Toys

Arts & Crafts


Baby Items


Pet Items


Kitchen Items

Bed, Bath, Body, Beauty


Miscellaneous Items

Click here to go back to the Rebating Intro or Rebate Sites page.

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