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Not only am I obsessed with all things in the realm of saving money, I am also constantly looking to learn more about pretty much everything. That’s what has driven me to want to create and even evolve this page a bit more possibly.

Initially, I created this because I’m in a lot of groups and constantly see “how do I do this”. Either people get rude, ignore them, or actually write a book about how to and that gets overlooked. Most of the time, all of the information needed is right there in the Announcements section of the group. When people are directed there, everyone gets upset. Then I started wondering more about this whole thing.

I wondered a few things actually. Do people understand what I’m talking about? Am I clear in my message as to what this site is here for? Does the information that I provide make sense? Can my site be helpful to beginners as well as extreme savers in some way?

* I’m not an expert on any of these things. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned, my own experiences, and any resources I may have.

Money Saving:

This site is updated often. Please be sure to bookmark the Home Page so you’re able to find your way back to visit again.

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