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I LOVE this category. If it’s FREE, it’s for ME!

Basically, some merchants need help getting their products out there and may need help with feedback. They may reach out to a third party company to help with this. Each company listed below has their own process. In some cases you can get your money back shortly after an item is purchased. In others, you’ll need to write a report, make a video, leave seller feedback, or an Amazon review*. Make sure you follow it all so you get your money back.

*Before you choose to leave Amazon reviews, please be aware that Amazon does not condone this. If Amazon notices “strange activity”, they will flag your account, remove all reviews ever written, and not allow any going forward.

Using the companies listed below, I have personally received about $2,000 in products like clothing, car antenna, steering wheel cover, bluetooth headphones, back brace, bath pillow, flags, punching bag, automatic soap dispenser, security cameras, gaming accessories, FitBit bands, mug warmer, exercise ball, earrings, desk lamp, bluetooth scale, paper trimmer, charging cables, soil tester, smart bulbs, candy jars, shoe organizer, pore cleaner, face steamer, holiday trinkets, pet items, meat thermometer, weather station, humidity gauge, watermelon slicer, necklace, gun holder, laser sight, and more.

There’s a few things to pay attention to.

I can’t say this enough. Make sure you follow every step to ensure that you will then receive a refund, up to 100%+, depending on the transaction type. Some companies also give bonuses.

When you log into a site, make sure you know what is expected before completing a purchase. When you purchase the item, make sure it’s the correct one. There may be a specified size or color. Amazon sometimes will offer a percentage off coupon on the item. Verify if you should be accepting that or not. It may affect your refund.

Keep track of each transaction! I know, I’m obsessed with spreadsheets, but it’s so helpful. I notate when I ordered it, when I was paid, how much, which ones require a review, and so on. I forget easily and this really can get out of hand if you don’t pay attention.

If you join any of the Facebook groups of the companies listed here or anything similar, be very careful. A lot of people have been contacting me, asking me if I’m a US Amazon reviewer. Then, they blow up my inbox with pics of items they promise for free. I hear about a lot of scams, so I don’t go this route in most cases. They may be trying to get you to buy from the competition, then they don’t pay you, so you return it.

The following steps are a general guide. Most cases will follow this, with a few exceptions mentioned.

  • Log in to third party site
  • Check what types of transactions are available & look at those items
    • Review versus no review
  • Choose item from third party site
    • Verify if particular product specs are required for order
      • For example, must buy size Large only
  • Purchase item from Amazon
  • Submit order number to third party site
    • Some also want a screenshot of the order
    • Some already pay out at this point
  • Receive item
  • Proceed accordingly
    • If nothing is required, check for the minimum balance to cash out
    • Some request feedback to be provided to the merchant
    • Most will require an Amazon review
  • Request pay out

Below I have listed some of the sites that I have used to get free products. Please use my referral links so that we both may benefit. It helps me a great deal. Thank you!

Review (R) and No Review (NR) Sites:

I just recently combined review and no review sites. There’s too may that have both. Some of the following will require a review, some don’t. Some may ask for a feedback report that is provided to the merchant.

Again, if you partake in any transactions requiring a review, it’s at your own risk. If Amazon notices “strange activity”, they will flag your account, remove all reviews ever written, and not allow any going forward. See full warning above.

  • Cashbackbase (NR/R)
  • Pets Rebate (R)
  • Rebaid (NR)
  • Rebatest (NR/R)
  • Test Market (NR)

  • Cashbackbase (R):

Cashbackbase was the first company I tried. It is one of the two main ones I used for a long time. They have a points based system. So, when you log in every day, you get 30 points. When you order something, you get points. But you need points to order. They do have a section that you can earn more points on to help you build them quicker.

While I could do reviews, I managed to get $460 worth of products.

If you use my referral link, I’ll get 2,000 points.

  • Pets Rebate (R):

You can get all sorts of items for your pets from Pets Rebate. You need to have 500 points ($5) to cash out.

I got $35 in puppy toys and socks from here.

  • Rebaid (NR):

Rebaid doesn’t require any reviews or feedback. After you purchase the item, you will receive a check in the mail for up to 100% of the price you paid. This may take a few weeks.

I’ve confirmed payment of $20 on two items.

If you use my referral link and redeem at least one offer, I will receive $10.

  • Rebatest (NR/R):

Rebatest has review items, and a section called Report Only. That means that you only need to provide a report to the seller on the site, not Amazon.

I received over $1,000 in useful items from Rebatest. Some people struggle with this site because of the steps involved, use of vouchers, etc. I considered writing something to help with this. In the meantime, I do try to assist in the FB groups.

If you use my referral link, I’ll get $4 per person.

  • Test Market (NR):

I just started using Test Market. As soon as items are available, they send out a notification. Items get sold out extremely quickly. Once you make the purchase on Amazon, you would then submit your order number. The money is then refunded to you through PayPal. There are some items that require a video review on their site (not Amazon). They are easily separated and labelled.

I received $60 in merchandise. I got a really nice manicure set, candy jars, Christmas toys, and an exercise ball so far.

If you use my referral link, I will receive $1. Thank you!

For more Financial information, see: Financial Talk, Extra Money Tips, and Savings Tips.

If you try any of the companies mentioned, please use my referral links and codes. We both may earn an incentive. That alone, is a huge help to me. For more information, see the FAQ’s and About Me page. If you have any further questions or need assistance, Contact me. Feedback is also appreciated. Contributions accepted via Venmo and PayPal. Thank you!

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