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Since December 2019, I have personally received over $5,000 in items, free after rebate. This includes clothing, auto items, headphones, speakers, phone accessories, flags, security cameras, gaming accessories, exercise equipment, jewelry, household items, toys, holiday trinkets, pet items, gun accessories, and more. Click album to see a few.


I LOVE this category!

For those that are not familiar with this process, it basically works like a rebate. I pay up front, then receive my money back. This is usually sent via PayPal, but could also be done through an Amazon gift card, mailed check, bank deposit, and more. There are some requirements like providing order numbers, PayPal address, or screenshots. In some cases, they require a review, seller feedback, etc. There’s more on reviews below.

Why Is It So Cheap Or Even Free?

Some merchants need help getting their products out there, may need help with feedback, or have old inventory to unload. They may reach out to a third party company or have agents to help with this. Each entity has their own process. Most of the time they will not pay tax and PayPal fees.

Work And Time Invested

It has taken me a bit of time and research, and it’s a lot of risky work. Especially in the beginning when I was new to this world. But it’s definitely been worth it. Over time, I’ve established a lot of great connections and resources. I now get a steady amount of useful items for free. Key word there is useful. I don’t like to spend extra money since I often pay tax and fees, so I try to stick to things my family will use.

I Started With Reviews

In the beginning stage of my freebie adventure, I was writing a lot of reviews on Amazon. I didn’t realize at that time that it’s actually against their community standards. I continued to do reviews until October 2020, when Amazon wiped my account. That means that all of my reviews have been removed and I can no longer write them, do ratings, or post questions. I can still order, have Prime, and leave seller feedback.

New Focus Is On No Review Items

Because my account was wiped, I shifted my focus on items that do not require reviews. I was worried that would be tricky. However I’ve managed to develop quite a few contacts, and now I’m ordering several items a day. I have already received more products this year, than I have in 2020.

Do You Have Prime?

If you don’t already have it, you may want to get Prime. It’s $12.99 a month, but you might be able to get it at a reduced rate. If you are a student, see if you qualify to pay $6.49. Or pay only $5.99, if you are an EBT/Medicaid recipient.

Be Careful

Follow Every Step To Ensure You Will Receive A Refund

Always know what is expected before completing a purchase. When you purchase the item, verify it’s the correct one. There may be a specified size or color. Amazon sometimes will offer a coupon for the item. Ask if you should use it or not.

Keep Track Of Every Transaction!

I’m obsessed with spreadsheets, but this is so helpful. I notate when I ordered and what I paid, when I got my refund, and any other details. I forget easily and this really can get out of hand if you don’t pay attention. I already lost payment on a hoodie because I never notated the agent I originally spoke to. That was my own fault.

Beware Of Scams

There are Facebook groups for some of the companies I’ve listed here. If you join them or anything similar, you may start getting strange new messages. A lot of people troll these groups. I get tons asking if I’m a US Amazon reviewer. They blow up my inbox with pics of items they promise for free. I never do business with anyone that randomly reaches out to me.

Rebate Sites:

Below I have listed some of the sites that I have used to get free products. I have labelled if they require an Amazon review or not. If you try any of them out, please use my referral links. We both may receive an incentive. Thank you!

Again, if you partake in any transactions requiring a review, it’s at your own risk of having your Amazon account wiped as mentioned above.

  • Cashback Tiger (R/NR)
  • Cashbackbase (R)
  • Deals Bank (R/NR)
  • Fully Rebate (NR)
  • Noodle Campus (R/NR)
  • Pets Rebate (R)
  • Rebaid (NR)
  • Rebate Rewards (R/NR)
  • Rebatest (R/NR)
  • Snagshout (R/NR)
  • Test Market (NR)

R=Review NR=No Review

For the Google Docs version, click here.

  • Cashback Tiger (R/NR): ***NEWLY ADDED***

Cashback Tiger has review and no review items. When you apply for an item, you need to then message them with the ID number that is provided. Once they approve it, you can then place your order. So far, I have received resin molds and a set of hammocks from them for our little critters.

  • Cashbackbase (R):

Cashbackbase was one of the first companies that I did reviews for. Last time that I checked, they have a points based system. I haven’t been on their site in several months. When I used to do reviews, I received almost $500 worth of products from them.

  • Deals Bank (R/NR):

Deals Bank has a mix of review and no review items from Amazon and also Walmart. To access the no review items, click on Trial, then Review Not Required. So far I have received about $80 worth of items, including two pair of gloves, a beach bag, and a scarf that has zippered pockets.

  • Fully Rebate (NR):

Fully Rebate uses your Facebook to log in. It has a points based system. From what I understand, each item costs 50 points to apply. In order to earn more points, you need to invite friends. So far, I have ordered a set of tactical flashlights and earbuds for $30 in products so far. Unfortunately, I’m currently out of points.

  • Noodle Campus (R/NR):

Noodle Campus has review and no review items. I just started using them. I shop in the “giveaway items” section that do not require a review. I received $50 worth of items from here.

  • Pets Rebate (R):

You can get all sorts of items for your pets from Pets Rebate. I only used this site briefly. I received $35 in puppy toys and socks.

  • Rebaid (NR):

Rebaid doesn’t require any reviews or feedback. Their products are reduced up to 100% off. After you purchase the item, you will receive a check in the mail. This will take a few weeks. So far, I received about $45 in rebates from them.

  • Rebate Rewards (NR):

Right now, Rebate Rewards is one of my favorite no review sites. Their items are reduced up to 100% off. I always go for the freebies. So far, I’ve received over $600 in products. They include an apron with a skull on it, a fairy lantern craft kit, a back stretcher with posture corrector, cocktail shaker, thermometer, UV sanitizer, two knife sharpeners, paint brush set, and more.

Payouts are done through a digital check via It is then deposited electronically to your bank.

  • Rebatest (R/NR):

Rebatest has review items, and also a section called Report Only. That means that you only need to provide a report to the seller on the site, not Amazon. I received over $1,300 in useful items from Rebatest. My referral code is 3mji1d.

  • Snagshout (R/NR): ***NEWLY ADDED***

Snagshout works slightly different. They have different options, saving you up to 100% off. You can use coupon codes, upload videos, surveys, and more. So far, I received a robe, chargers, a birthday sash, and more.

  • Test Market (NR):

I just started using Test Market recently. As soon as items are available, they send out a notification. They get sold out extremely quickly. There are some items that require a video review on their site (not Amazon). They are easily separated and labelled.

I received over $200 in merchandise, like a manicure set, candy jars, Christmas toys, an exercise ball, towels, pants, Among Us plush, necklaces, and more.

For more Financial information, see Smile Sparkle Save, Financial Basics, Scan Receipts, Extra Money, and Savings Tips. All pages can be found on the Site Map.

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