The following is a list of questions that either I have been personally asked, or I thought would help clear up any confusion.

What type of site is this?

Mostly informational. There is a mix of financial tips, referral links, things I am selling online, awareness information, and the random things that I blog about.

What is your affiliation with the companies that you refer?

My only affiliation is that I share my referral information for the apps and sites in which I have personally used their services.

What if I experience issues with the apps/sites that you refer?

I always suggest that you reach out to that company immediately. While I do appreciate any feedback regarding your experiences, I want to make it clear that I do not address issues with them. I have no direct affiliation with the companies and I do not represent you, therefore I would not get involved. I can only vouch for my own experiences. With that said, depending on what it is, please do let me know. It could very easily just be a user error, misunderstanding, or oversight. I’d like to know if I have a broken site or incorrect info on my site. If needed, use the Contact page to reach me.

Why do your posts seem all over the place in content?

Because my mind is all over the place. I have ADHD and OCD. I tend to get heavily involved in certain things, then get distracted easily. My thoughts are always racing all over the place. It’s a constant struggle. I also move things around from time to time.

Do you still provide services, such as photography and promoting?

I do, to an extent. I no longer do any photoshoots as the photographer, or as the model. But I will always share what I have done in the past, as well as who I’ve worked with. I try to do what I can to continue to promote those in any way that I can through my site. While it was only a brief time, I’m very proud of what I’ve done in those few years. My main focus has shifted to financial related topics to promote ways of saving money and making a few extra bucks.

Why did you stop your photography and promotional services?

With a few exceptions, I was providing my services for free. I was in between jobs at the time. I volunteered to help local bands and businesses any way I could. When I started working again, I had to cut back until I eventually stopped.

Why did you remove all the links from your Local Promotion Archives page?

While I continue to support those bands and businesses, I no longer have contact with a lot of them. I also don’t have the extra time to devote to making sure I have updated links for everyone. It wouldn’t be right to have some and not others.

Why did you keep your site after all these years?

Originally, I just stopped updating it. Popped in once in a while to move things around in an attempt to revamp it. I thought it was a nice place to keep some of my work displayed. I also contemplated closing it altogether since I wasn’t doing anything with it really, but I was still paying the yearly renewal fee for my domain. That all went back and forth for a while until recently. I started reconstructing my site yet again. I had new things to share, while all the old LadySkullshine Entertainment pages when into the archives.

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