DG Penny Shopping

Penny shopping at Dollar General is kind of like a treasure hunt. Not everyone knows about this, as it’s not advertised anywhere for the public. Every week a list goes out to the employees that tells them which items need to be pulled off the shelves. In the meantime, they are marked down in the system to one penny. If the employees don’t pull the items, a customer can purchase them.

There’s a few rules to this. Number one is that you don’t ever go into a Dollar General and ask where the penny items are. It’s an unspoken thing. Don’t ask employees to price check anything that you think might be a penny. If you have penny items, place them all in your cart or you chance losing them. If an employee realizes it before you are able to collect all of the items, they can take them off the shelf.

There’s some Facebook groups where people will share the items that they found for a penny. That does not mean that you will get the same deal. Your miles may vary (YMMV). That basically means that all stores are different.

Try to be cordial to the other customers. If you have a lot of things, let someone go ahead of you. Some employees may give you a hard time, or say they can’t sell them to you, or they can only sell one. This is not true at all. According to their policy, they must sell it to you if it’s left on the shelf. But, we really don’t want to make a huge fuss or call corporate over a few pennies.

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