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Although LadySkullshine Entertainment has changed quite a bit, it’s initial purpose was to help promote networking independent artists & businesses. Please be sure to tell them you saw them on

FYI – This is updated as I have time. Some bands that are retired or on hiatus may be listed below. You should still check out their music if it’s still available. I have a copy of the majority of the metal local band’s music & listen to them all the time. I may even have some old demos in my distribution box.

*Stars indicate that I’ve taken photos for them. Mostly live photos, some photo shoots. I don’t take quite as many photos as I used to, so if anything has changed, some photos may not reflect current band lineups. Some albums can be found on my LadySkullshine Photograph fb page. I have a few random pics here on my site on the Local Music Photos page.
A listing of Local Music Entertainment around PA, NY, NJ:

Metal Music \m/

  • Apocryfiend* – LV,PA
  • Black Fate* – LV,PA
  • Behind The Grey* – PA
  • BlyndSyde* – LV,PA
  • Burial Mound*
  • Cacd Tribute – LV,PA
  • Chinga* – LV,PA. (Born Of Chaos Records)
  • Cover Her Face* – PA
  • Crushpile*
  • Curse of Sorrow* – PA
  • DDS – LV,PA
  • Decaysia* – LV,PA
  • Deprived* – LV,PA
  • Hell Freeze* – LV,PA
  • I Am The Trireme* – Philly,PA
  • Indefinite Dyad* –
  • Infernal Opera* – LV,PA
  • Kinslayer* – PA
  • Krosis* – LV, PA
  • Mindmaze* – LV,PA
  • March To Victory* – Lancaster,PA. (BOCR)
  • Mistress* – PA
  • No Remorse For The Fallen* – Philly,PA
  • Ominous* – NJ (BOCR)
  • Our Ashes Remain* – PA
  • Ovlo* – LV,PA
  • Plague of HumanityNY
  • Pool of Thorns* – PA
  • Power Theory* – PA
  • Prosody – Death Metal. PA
  • ReKindle* – NJ
  • Remember These Lies*
  • Sandraudiga* – LV,PA. (BOCR)
  • Save The Zombies* – L, PA
  • Skalped* – LV,PA
  • Skinsect* – LV,PA
  • Sorrowseed* – MA
  • Stingy Jack* – LV,PA
  • SuperTruck* – LV,PA
  • The Dawn of Appolyon* – PA
  • Throdl* – PA
  • Unit Ready* – LV,PA

Other Mixed Artists (unsorted):




Born Of Chaos Records, Aleigha Evens started this project & got the Lead Farmer Girls heavily involved with Damsels Of Darkness 2012 which turned out very successful. DOD13 was even more awesome! I’m excited & proud to be a part of this from inception & to continually be involved in it’s growth.

All Damsels of Darkness Tour Events are Sponsored by:

Damsels of Darkness Tour information 2014

Damsels of Darkness Tour information 2013:

Damsels of Darkness Tour information 2012:
Some memorable moments from our 1st DOD:

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