Support Local Art and Businesses

LadySkullshine Entertainment’s purpose is to help promote networking local artists & businesses. Please be sure to tell them you saw them on Also check out my listing of Local Music Related Businesses.
**I cannot vouch for everyone on these lists.  I’m promoting to assist others.  If there is any type of issue with someone, please address it directly with them.  I do not get involved.

Pennsylvania: Lehigh Valley & surrounding areas –

  • 101 Communications:  Check out what Tim & Heather can do for your business on 101’s site.   Office located in Bucks County
  • Accentuate Positivity Foundation Funding site
  • Alfonso Todd & Associates: Alfonso does a lot of things here in the LV.  Find out more…   Prolifick RadioImaraj TV.  His office is located in Allentown.
  • Amaryllis Tattoo Artistry & Design: Friends of the family. Shop is located in Easton.
  • Colette’s Collection:  My BFF’s Mom makes one of a kind hand made jewelry – necklaces, earrings, bracelets & baubles, & one of a kind bead pens.  She made me my very own Exclusive LadySkullshine pen.  It’s black & pink w/ skulls & super awesome.  Love it!  Thanks Mom!  🙂
  • Creepy-dolls: Christie Bastet’s handmade Creepy Dolls.  Located in California, but has an online store.
  • Cypher Lx – Local Author. Model.Photographer.Artist.BizR Babe. Located in LV.
  • Dragon Scratch Emporium: Miscellaneous items such as Dream Catchers, hand made leather items, knives, skulls, Furry Bones, masks, art, etc. Located in Merchant’s Square, Allentown.
  • KMC Property Management:  Very reliable multi talented friend.  Call or Text Kyle at 610-248-2779.  Lehigh Valley area. 
  • Robert March Personal Adjuster  Located in the LV.
  • Serendipity Bloom –  Author.  New book just published & available on Amazon. Pennsylvania.
  • SilencioBarnes –  Poet, Writer, Musician for hire.  Check out some of his work. Located in LV.
  • SillettCo Fence Inc. – Located in Slatington.


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