Lady Skullshine Archival

Jessie “Lady Skullshine”

Not too long ago, I was available to do so much more to help others like go on random all day photoshoots & spend all day promoting local bands, etc. I also created this site to help promote local bands & businesses in and around the Lehigh Valley, PA area. It was an attempt to help local artists to be heard. Hopefully a few I helped a few along the way.
When I 1st was welcomed into the underground metal music scene several years ago, I noticed that everyone was so close & supportive, but I also saw the struggles that the local music community endures. I wanted to help out anyway I could. I took my camera everywhere & used the pics to help promote them the local bands.

Thanks for visiting! Stop back often for updates.


I’ve worked with…

  • Biz R Ent / BizR Babes – Photographer. Promoter. Model.
  • Born Of Chaos Records / Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide -Photographer. Promoter. Underground Metal Support. Local Band Merchandise Model. Ongoing support of DOD Tour (see below).
  • Damsels Of Darkness Tour(BOCR) 3 year Sponsor. Photographer. Promoter.
  • Annual 717 Music Awards – Guest Appearance presenting an award 2013 & 2014. Also announced Behind The Grey in 2014.
  • Apocryfiend – Former Band Manager. Promoter. Photographer. Merch girl. Tshirt/hoodie maker. Old school ApocryFan.
  • Infernal Opera So Cal & NAMM 2013 – Trip Sponsor
  • Ominous – Promotion.
  • Plug’d In Magazine – Former Interview Writer
  • Alfonso Todd for Allentown City Council – Volunteer
  • OVLO – Promoter. Photographer. Account management. Etc.
  • 2013 Valley Rockers Calendar – Local Metal Support. Promotion.
  • Threadz Clothing – Photographer at Aug 2012 Fashion Show in Whitehall, PA
  • Charities – I’ve assisted in several charitable events & promotions.

I’ve been mentioned in the following:

  • BizR Ent Radio
  • Prolific Radio
  • The Fyre & Ice Show
  • The Sayjin Tyler Show
  • As a sponsor of On the Damsels of Darkness Tour 2012, 2013, 2014 & on promotional materials, etc
  • As Sponsor of Infernal Opera’s Road Trip to California
  • Featured in Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide interview in the List Magazine, CA
  • The inside cover of Decaysia’s CD released 12/21/12 .

Some of my links: I don’t actively check or update them all, but the majority are linked for auto updates. Best contact for me is probably through fb –

Some Promotional pics of me are found on the Local Music Photos page of this site.


LinkedIn Recommendations:


“Jessica is a very dedicated and passionate person who loves what she does and is wonderful at it. She is very trustworthy and great to work with!!! Jessica is one of those rare people who “Says what she means, and means what she says”!!!! She is a wonderful person and awesome promoter!!!”
– May 30, 2012, LinkedIn MoonChild Garcia, Rev. MoonChild, Metaphysion


“I’ve had the privilege to watch LadySkullshine Photography grow from the ground up. Jessica is a consummate professional, taking only the best photographs possible. Her passion for what she does as well as her meticulous attention to detail are what make her great at what she does. I have no doubt that LadySkullshine Photography will only grow in its success.”
– May 30, 2012 , LinkedIn Andrew Wagner, Technical Writer, AMCORP

“I’ve worked closely with Jessica for quite sometime, and she is a hard working and very thorough worker at all that she does. Keep her in mind for all your photography needs, she displays only the utmost of professionalism at all time!”
– May 30, 2012, LinkedIn Joseph Covell, Founder, Owner, and Operator, Cromaidz Productions


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